Tuesday, April 13, 2010

headache never ends....

amat STRESS sakit kepala tanak hilang!!!...

maybe side effects from d excessive dreams i had from d past few days...

last nite, i dream bout a small action figure that looks like a barbie doll...n it's alive!.then we burn it until it melts...uhh, nightmare

*btw, i watched Disney's 'The Haunted Mansion' in a very scary n stormy evening..watched it in BluRay, makes it much cooler!..scary mary, eeeeee

Saturday, April 10, 2010

sweet dreams...or a beautiful nightmare??

1st thing 1st, gelak dulu......

sbb for d past few days i've been dreaming for almost every nite...n d dreams lah yg buat aku nak tido memanjang je eventho aku dh x ngantuk lg n blh bgun

ok, yg aku igt ialah mimpi mlm td...sbb msh baru lg,so it's kinda fresh...yg mimpi2 lain klau aku igt bru aku update okayy

last nite i dream about going out with several ppl that r actually complete strangers for me...we walk around a very gloomy n boring mall (mcm PKNS kott) and we end up at a mamak restaurant in d mall...there were supposed to be a couple of girls & an indian guy who were with me at d mall but at d restaurant,it was just d 2 of us, d indian guy n me..(mwahahahahahahaha!)

we drink n we talk as if we were real friends...in d dream i remember myself being so observant about my surroundings...i remember d cook making d roti canai n stuff (d roti canai is ridiculously big in d dream) n when d roti canai is done, he just toss it on d customer's table in a very cool way...so i was thinking where is d plate n curry?? (bahahahahahahahahahaha!)

then there was something about an indian boy putting back 2 pizzas on d cooking plate...n d roti canai guy was soo angry that we decided to buy d pizzas..but when i turn around at d cooking plate, d pizzas turns into burgers!!!..aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!.. (mwahahahahahahaha!)

then it's time to pay d bills..n guess who's d cashier a.k.a d real owner of d mamak restaurant??..it's BEYONCE ya'll!!.. (kahkahkahkahkahkahkah!) n she speaks in malay, n she sounds like siti nurhaliza (what da...??!!) then there was a beyonce song playing on d radio n it was just like a bump on d head, rite then i figured out tht d lady in front of me is Beyonce...huhh, this is all just plain birdshit...

surprisingly, d indian guy disappears n i realized tht i'm with Krah (well,that's weird)..to make it even more weirder, d exit of d restaurant which was supposed to be a mall turns out to be a normal outdoor facing d roads n stuff...n it was raining heavily with storms striking here n there..then me n krah started walking to go back to uitm in d rain...
along d way, we say motorcyclers, n one of them was a guy in blue baju melayu with a kopiah on his head, putting his arms together n recite doa, on d motorcycle!.well i guess maybe d guy was just afraid of the storm, but how does he do that??weird...

to my surprise (there were a lot of surprises lately), me n krah was in a cab!.i was like, "when did we get in here??", n krah told me that we just stopped a cab while we're walking...n i didn't remember..hihihihihi
we are heading back to uitm passing thru Sect. 7..but Sect. 7 was a little weird..d road look just like d road heading to my grandpa's home in miri (super weird!)..then d cab drives on..then i saw a blimp, and another one on a big boat, ready to take-off...we reached a jetty, instead of uitm..huhhh -_________-

at d jetty, there was a boat, that has a blimp on it..then several white n beautiful HORSES running out of the boat and to d jetty..i remember i was soo excited looking at those horses bcoz they were very beautiful...then me n krah also tried to go onto d jetty but it was quite hard until i fell into d river..then there was this VERY CUTE N HOT GUY at d jetty helping me to get off d river...i remember i was kinda flirting with him a bit (to Adib: sorry sayang, it was just a dream,promise i won't do that in real life..ngee~)

i think that was just bout it...uhh, after d dream, there was a lil bit of d international shoe festival and i finally found shoes that were in my size (11)..hehehehe (it's a life-long dream, ppl!) (:

okayy...actually there are a lot of dreams tht i had for more than half of d nights in this week...i just can't stop sleeping, not bcoz i'm tired n sleepy or somethg, i sleep just bcoz i want to continue with my dream experience...it has been quite a long time since i've been dreaming in my sleep..mayb bcoz of tht i can't stop dreaming everytime i close my eyes nowadays

just hope that i won't come to an extend of sleepwalking or 'mengigau' in my sleep...d thought of it just freaks me out!!!...

that's all for now...ngee~ XD

Thursday, April 8, 2010

EIFFEL...i'm in love


lepas Taj Mahal, g sini plak...

i wanna eat 'em pasta till i'm stuffed!!!..hehehe

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

nak pegi tgk Taj Mahal blh tak??

gler chantek, gler romantic...


*included in my list as one of my most-wanted-to-go-to places*

Friday, April 2, 2010

i love COLLAGES :)

and i love the one that i'm taking the two pics with

love him too much


changing my gizmo :))

i got an iphone!..

thank u soo much to my aunt for d gift!.

wanna get a new number for my old phone..ngee~

boring n it's lame

i think that my blog is...

why do guys didn't really mean what they have said to u??

1. bcoz they juz want to make u feel good
2. they're afraid of their past
3. they juz want to find a way to make ME real angry
4. to make themselves look good n acceptable...NOT!
5. they just simply wanna lie to u

i hate 'em...
please..if u said something,please mean it and please buy d 'how to be a good liar for dummies' book so that we(girls) won't find out later that u didn't actually like what u said u were...

we refer to the PAST to make TODAY a better place...just tell me truth and i won't be angry or feel unspecial...TRY ME

p/s: mood not so good today :|