Thursday, April 28, 2011

the finals are here

the ending of semester two is finally here.
i thought that this semester won't end. O________o

quite sad, though.
after this would be the 4months plus holiday and imma spend most of my holiday at my hometown at Sarawak. it can be fun, somehow, but i'm just too tired to face all of the dramas all over again. tolong la ohh, i'm not gonna waste my time n energy flying back all the way from semenanjung to hear any of those shit. so, just let me be. i'm free to feel and to think of whatever i want, so, yeah, drink it, feel it, think bout it.

despite all those shenanigans, here's are my plans for the holiday;
1. get busy with the wedding.
2. finish my field experience - which most likely to be at Kuching.
3. learn how to drive car.
4. get licence.
5. find a job somewhere, somehow.
6. make kek lapis sarawak.
7. hari raya.
8. hangout with BFFs.
9. yada yada yadaaa~

so yeah, am planning to have at least a motorcycle by next semester.been planning to get a Kawasaki Ninja, but, hmmph, we'll see how it goes.
if it's just too big for me to handle, (or buy in the first place) i should just opt for a normal motorcycle such as Honda Wave or Shogun or something.

but, before we look into the future, what matters most is the remaining weeks i have to get through here in Shah Alam.
the finals of semester 2 is here. can believe i'm actually near to finish semester 2.
this morning we just went through out first paper, CTU553 - Ethnic Relations.
thank God.......i've read everything. answering questions confidently is priceless.
hopefully i'll have the time to study everythg for the other 5 remaining papers.

then i'll be flying back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 24th of May 2011 with an Air Asia ticket with pre-purchased extra luggage of 30kgs. how the hell~ am i gonna travel alone with 30kg stuff dragging behind me??.this is the power of a shopaholic and never-travel-light 'habit' i got.

i got exactly 2 weeks to waste here in Selangor before i fly back to the land of Borneo.
what to do??.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

girls turning 20

actually I forgot what to blog about.
and now staring at the blank spaces of this typing box.
title pun x letak lg nih.

I'm now listening to JT's My Love on my iPhone.
I got my orange planner (courtesy of muh babe, Tengku Sheril Amirah Bustaman) thanks babe, love you long time.
and my quite-brand-new handbag.
the flap is grey, but the color of the it beige, cream, pale pink, or...whatt??.
just don't tell me i'm color-blind.
#likeseriously, past few days has been filled with confusions.

oh yeah.
last night everybody was at home.
and we celebrated my other babe's, Raja Rosemawati 20th birthday!!..
wow, she's twenty. i'm still 19.
should i be happy??.

and next weekend, we're gonna have a girls' party with ejaibrahim in celebrating her 20th bday.
oh my..turning 20 is actually one of the biggest event of a girl's life.
i think.
because it's the point where a girl should turn into a woman.
or perhaps some might still sing "i'm not a girl...not yet a woman~"
whatever it is...
girls should have fun being girls!!.
i love seeing girls just love being girls.
like i do.tee hee~ coz we rocks!.. ;D

and yeah, since we're talking bout girls turning 20, just now finally i come up with a title for this post.hihi.lame-much.

can't wait for mine.
it's on the 22nd of November 2011.
i wanna have it BIG coz actually this year would be the first bday i'll ever celebrate with friends at study place.
coz before, my bday ALWAYS fell on school holiday season.
so yeah, i never experienced people or classmates singing 'happy bday' beramai-ramai for me.
awhh~ ;'(

my wishlist for 20th bday??.
we'll see how it goes. ;)


Monday, April 4, 2011

(might be) an unlucky day

today is Monday.again. hmmph. and it's only very early in the morning when Monday hasn't been nice to me. woke up quite late.again. putting on clothes and make-up like i'm having my own sweet time. until................. my pink shimmer nail polish dropped from my organizer and poof~!! it became koko krunch!!!.. (kepala hotak ngkau~) the glass breaks and the nail polish splattered all over the place!. and i accidentally stepped on one of the broken glass pieces and jyeahh~ bloody hell. #likeseriously. and~ we came in to class 30mins late. T______T my take-home test cannot be recovered. am now depressed and i have to ask Dr.Johan to at least let me submit the test by the end of the day or tomorrow. bcoz today am super busy and i have an emcee script to prepare for ko class at 6. and we got class during lunch hour. T________T wanna cry some more. tsk tskk~ and yeah, good news. (i think??) Dr.Johan just told us that today is our last class!!! jyeahh~!!no more early monday ya'll!!!. :D senorok. kthanksbye.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


okay, i know what you guys are thinking.
well, if it's about someone's behind, stop it.
it's not about ass.
it's my abbreviation for assignments.

i know that some people hate assignments.
but that's not the reason why i usually typed it as ass.
saje saje, suke suke~..xleyh??.

got a lot to do, actually.
now i'm trying to finish my I.T assignment.
we're doing on future trends: artificial intelligence, virtual reality and technology classroom.
i love the topic, i might as well get interested in doing it but i'm not.
why why why~???
maybe bcoz it's cold, i don't have the mood to do assignments coz my laptop broke down, and i'm alone.and i'm totally broke.
and it's a last minute thing too.

feels like my basic necessities are not fulfilled.
like there's something missing.
but i'll try my best to do all of my assignments.
plus, haven't started on PELT lead discussion yet.
later we'll have syntax assignment.
and literature presentation.oh gosh.miejahh~ noreen~...............

what else,huhh??
test ckit2 kott..

tonight i'm going to the drama performance.i don't care.


Friday, April 1, 2011

sweat,tears,cramps and everything in between.

now it's finally Friday, the 1st day of April 2011..
my back still hurts.

a lot has happened in just one week.
and i know that lately, my life is not really normal.
i can't sleep at night thinking of a way out of things.
i usually got home tired and worn out with lots of things to do n remember.
and i know at that point that i'm putting myself into trouble by having so much commitments.
but the funny thing is that i love the feeling of being busy.
i love the feeling where i know that i had filled my day doing good, productive things.
love the feeling where i think i had contributed something on that day.
and am proud of myself that i could actually do all of these stuff.

but, as usual, out of many days and weeks in 2011, the moment where everything is at peak and it's very hectic, things decided to go wrong on that very moment. lemme break this down to u guys;
#1: i'm quite broke.
#2: my iPhone charger went missing.
#3: my laptop was f**ked up-all important files went missing together with assignments due next week.
#4: i have to do some 'damage control' regarding the haunted house we had for the carnival.
#5: re-do some assignments.
#6: etc.

broke down and cried for a while.
my emotions went around just like a car that got its steering broken.
got hit by freakin' PMS at times like this does not help the situation at all.
i'm extra-sensitive, been 'emo'-ing around like crazy, being tensed till people noticed that something's wrong with me, cramps all over (not just because of period cramp but it's like the real cramp from the super-hectic week) and yada yada yadaa~

like seriously, words of comfort could help at this point of my life.
i don't have the money to buy new phone chargers (for my iPhone and Blueberry as well), my laptop's been causing me trouble,and yeah,that needs money too.
please God, give me the strength to stand up tall and walk with a good feeling in my chest and a smile on my face. a real one.