Friday, August 27, 2010

another one

so, here's another one...
post :|

okay, this week has been really (or quite?) productive...cuz i've been busy with PT documents and such...

on MONDAY...
Mdm (Miss) Moon texted me early in the morning that goes somethg like this;
"lit test will be at 1pm at cendana 1&2"... - without mentioning the date
so, i went on texting each and every classmates (29 to be exact) to tell them that lit test will be held today (Monday)...
until i found out that it was actually going to be on the next day - freakin' Tuesday :|
sorry for the wrong info, guys..but seriously, i woke up very lazy and tired and i've been thinking on how the hell am i going to deal with the surat akuan sumpah that i need to issue for PTPTN matter...and texting all 1B students are really tiring, with organizing d phone numbers n stuff...and don't even mention bout the credits i've spent (btw, i took rm5 from the photostate piggy bank t cover the texting charges) :D

this is officially the busiest day for the rest of the let's keep it simple then...
class started at 8.30am till 12.30pm..12.30pm to 1pm was the asasians public speaking competition meeting for sponsorships...1pm literature test...dealing with sir rizal's book and photostating notes + get certification from dr. shireena for PTPTN matters, done at 2.10pm...2.10pm - call Joe to pick me up at the bustop and drive me to Kompleks Sukan (i want to rush, so i'm skipping buses)..2.10 till 2.50pm - sit at bustop, anxiously waiting for Joe who's apparently busy consulting his students in the office (didn't texted me saying he's busy) so, 1 precious hour got wasted at the stupid bustop where pathetic guys with meaningless lives wooing me like they're somekind of hotshots or somethg, ppfftttt~..3pm till 4pm - in process if submitting PT documents, went back to my room right after and get 2hours rest (in sweat) 6pm, get ready to buka puasa at ani sup utara sect 2 with niessa and the gang and after that, we went to the Ethos! meeting together at the faculty..guess when it ended - 11pm...
so, occupied for the whole day (in a rush) with only 2hours of rest...i'm still alive :)

quite a slow day...then class ended at 3pm, saw sheril's message: meeting org. comm. at 6pm...gosh, i've made plans to go out and buka puasa with Joe!..i get to leave early though, so thanx babe.. :)
buka puasa at PKNS with Joe, Ayep and his girl...i had lamb chop - yummy!..then walk around a bit, then we went was really nice, though.. :D

no class at all...lay on bed till 1pm, got tatatertib from kolej (the best part of the day)...then Kesat at 5-7pm...buka puasa a bit late...and now, the whole nite lepak with the girls (nad, atyn) and sleepover at sheril's room (without sheril)

so...........i really don't know what to say
my weekends seem boring, with no plans or whatsoever..
btw, Joe is going to JB for his secondary school's reunion...
note to self: just try to have fun on my own and if Joe is not answering calls or replying msgs during his stay at JB, he's soo gonna get it...gggrrrrr :(

p/s: i'll get insecure if my boyfriend is far away from me...i know, it sucks...I SUCK :|

Friday, August 13, 2010

happy fasting :)

it's the month of the year again...RAMADHAN

yes, i know...time passed by so fast, and Raya is coming soon enough...
i haven't bought the tickets to go back to Miri yet..coz i'm thinking of not going back for Raya this year..still considering, just hope that it's not going to be too late..whatever :| week is 'class test week'..till then, let us use as much as our weekends to study and revise cuz i really wanna score well for this semester :D
the thought of me struggling with grades for the rest of my degree years if i continue to procrastinate a lot like i did during asasi just haunts me real least i want to excel in this one part or stage of my life so that i can live happily on my own without depending so much on anybody else, especially my family...i guess that everybody loves to care so much about themselves rather than caring bout anybody else, so i guess i just need to lead my own life wherever i want it to be with those i love and those who really loves me..

there's so much to, life, disappointment, exhaustion, boredom, friendship, patience, etc.....
but i don't want to end up babbling about it in my blog, i don't like that, so let's just keep those feelings to myself, shall we?. :D

everybody's being cranky..even myself, i don't know why...
if i could, i would want to complain here and there but my time is just too precious to be spent on people who would like/forced to work in a certain profession (especially those who work for customers) who don't know their places and think that they can talk to people who do not, in whatsoever way, annoy or 'carik pasal' to them in such an unideal way...u were supposed to entertain ur customers' curiosity, not to accuse them of doing something that they didn't do and use that as an excuse to not to entertain them...i mean, wtf is that?!.ko ingat ko sorg je yg busy banyak keja??.please, go find something else to do and give me someone who got enough brains/rationality to replace ur job

so i think that's all...just the thought of all the stupid people around me this past few days just makes me even crankier...toodles

p/s: angry + annoyed = don't mess with me

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bella luna

mystery the moon
a hole in the sky
a supernatural nightlight
so full but often right

a pair of eyes are closing one
a chosen child of golden sun
a marble dog that chases cars to farthest reaches of the beach
and far beyond into the swimming sea of stars

the cosmic fish they love to kiss
they're giving birth to constellations
no reefs and, oh no, reservation
if they should fall, you'd get a wish or dedication

may i suggest you get the best
for nothing less than you and i
let's take a chance in this romance
it's rising over before we lose the lighting

oh bella, bella please
bella, you beautiful luna
oh, bella do what you do...

you are an illuminating anchor
of leads to infinite number
crashing waves and breaking thunder
tiding the ebb and flows of hunger

you're dancing naked there for me
you expose all memory
you make the most of boundary
you're the ghost of royalty
imposing love, you are the king and queen
combining everything
intertwining like a ring
around the finger of a girl
i'm just a singer, you're the world
all i can bring ya' is the language of a lover
bella beautiful, beautiful moona
how you swoon me like no other, oohh...

may i suggest you'd get the best of your wish
may i insist that no contest for little you or smaller i
a larger chance set but all them may lie
on the rise, on the brink of our lives...

bella please...bella you beautiful luna
oh bella, do what you do...
bella beautiful, beautiful moona
how you swoon me like no other

p/s: if Jason Mraz is coming to Malaysia and sing this song, SERIOUSLY I'LL BURST INTO TEARS... :'D
kan best kalau adib busuk mcm jason mraz... :DD

I heart Jason Mraz

I've been listening to Jason Mraz since his album, Mr. A-Z hit singles "The Remedy" and "You & I Both" was released...i love his hit songs soo much but the listeners should REALLY listen to the whole album...there's A LOT MORE than just what u guys have been listening to..

i know that most of us love to listen to only some of his songs but never tried to listen to the whole me, his songs have very deep meaning, sometimes the songs doesn't involve anybody else but himself, about the conflicts within him and much more...i'm taking literature as my minor but i think that i could at least understand most of the literary texts in my class...but listening and immersing myself in Jason Mraz's songs and lyrics gets me thinking for years, trying to figure out the meaning behind all those words in his songs...i won't google or search for other people's perception about the song because i'm so very curious about it till it makes me wanna find it out myself...

one of my fave JM's song is Mr. Curiosity, and it goes like this.....;

hey mr. curiosity
is it true what they've been saying about you?
are you killing me?
you took care of the cat already
and for those who think it's heavy
is it the truth, or is it only gossip?

call it mystery or anything
just as long as you'd call me
i sent the message on, did you get it?
well, i left it
see, this catastrophic event
it wasn't meant to mean no harm
but to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

i'm looking for love this time
sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
love is a mystery
mr. curious...come back to me

mr. waiting, ever patient can't you see?
that i'm the same the way you left me
in a hurry to spellcheck me
and i'm underlined already in envy green and pencil red
and i've forgotten what you've said
will you stop working for the dead and return

mr. curious, well i need some inspiration
it's my birthday and i cannot find no cause for celebration
the scenario is grave but i'll be braver when you save me
from the situation laden with hearsay

i'm looking for love this time
sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
and love is a mystery
mr. curiosity, be mr. please do come and find me

love is blinding when the time is never right
but who am i to beg for difference?
finding love in just an instance
well, i don't mind
at least i've tried
well, i've tried...i've tried.....

it sounds like agony...

but yeah...just look at the lyrics...especially this particular verse talking about mr.waiting and underlined with envy green and pencil red...what was that suppose to mean?.there must be a reason why the color green and red is being used...

in my opinion, this song is all about what is happening within him...all of the 'misters' mentioned are maybe the state of him at some particular situations...obviously, he mentioned about trying to find love but it's making him sad...but why?.maybe it's very confusing to know who is the right one to fall in love to..or maybe he feel so lonely that it's making him cry in trying to find somebody to love and to be loved...there are times when u don't have any boyfriend or girlfriend that it makes u cry..i know it's quite pathetic but right then is when u will recap back all of your past relationships and u'll try to figure out what was your mistake till it could end in such a particular way...
i just think that this song is maybe a monologue of himself but seriously, it hits me like a big yellow bus when trying to figure out the meaning...every time i can come up with assumptions and conclusions of this song, i still think there's something missing in my assumptions...why must he said things like this and that while maybe it could be otherwise???so confusing, so full of curiosity...hmm, maybe that's why the title is mr.curiosity

i've tried asking my friends about this stuff but they never heard of this song, what a waste of such beautiful songs that weren't popularized since 5 years ago :|

there's a lot more, actually...bella luna, forecast, wordplay, life is wonderful....
the songs are about life, love, self-conflicts...and much more
not many singers nowadays that produce such songs anymore
oldies got soul, man......oommppphhh~!. :D

p/s: i love deep, does it makes me deep enough?. :DD