Thursday, June 30, 2011

FE Journal #1

for me, today marks Day #1.
just landed at Kuching Airport 45mins ago on Malaysia Airlines' flight MH2805 from Miri to Kuching. 2-way economy-class tickets cost me around RM400. and that is also the amount of pocket money I got from Dad this morning.

at the moment, I'm enjoying Starbucks' Java Chip Frappucino and Banana Chocolate Muffin. I have to wait till 5.30pm, waiting for a nice stranger (family-friend's friend) who are nice enough to pick me up at the airport and let me stay at her place for some nights.

for me, this FE thingy is a superb thing. giving us some kind of hands-on experience before we go for a real practicum at Semester 7, which is two and a half years from now. O____o
don't u think it's kinda early??. just saying.

but I'm quite disappointed about this because it's a very last minute thing till it doesn't give us the space to even make a slight change that is on the school placement aspect.
the lecturer asked us to give our address where we will be during this 4months holiday. so, everybody wrote down the most specific address ever, eg: 98500 Lawas, Sarawak.
but guess what, they don't even bother to look at the word that comes before the state 'Swak'.
thus, that explains why I'm here, in Kuching. with all the trouble from Lawas which is the near the border of Sarawak-Sabah. now I'm at the other end of Sarawak, at the freakin' tip.

why can't they make this a bit more proper, I might say??.
actually, I was super excited of this FE program. but now, all I can do is scream.inside.
with no transport, no relatives nearby the school, no confirmed place to stay for 2 weeks, the huge amount of money spent on this. it's just bullshit.

ya'll lecturers can just say anythg about me. I whine, I say this and that, bla bla blaa...
I don't freakin' care. coz ya'll just don't care enough for your students (and I know that ya'll will say "hey,kitorg tak peduli??korg terlebih sgt peduli,tu la psl korg softy mcm ni). all ya'll care about is that your work is done.just leave the rest to us.ya'll has done some really nice job.

last minute work, last minute decision, last minute placement, and last minute everythg is what makes your work not in the best of quality.
just do it next semester if it's too troubling. it's a course for fourth sem, anyway.

moneyless. restless. tired and exhausted with too many last minute cancellation and shenanigans. T_____T

Friday, June 17, 2011

so close~

ngeh ngeh ngehh~ result kuar harini.
and I was this close (putting the tip of my index finger and thumb closely together) to witness my worst nightmare - getting 3.oo and below.
but thank God, I didn't.
but it was close. so close.

the thing is that I never ever got any C before.
but this time I do.
I did expect it to come, so I'm not really shocked by it.
all I can say is that, semester 2 was like hell.
struggling with unstable emotions, crisis, extra-curricular activities, my own habit of procrastination, and a lot more.
a lot happened, indeed.
and I'm wishing that those things won't ever happen to me again.
this time it's all about focus and getting myself organized.
it's time to pull things together and make the best out of it.
please, no more shenanigans. I'm hoping that I'll never fall in love for now.
it makes me weak.
plus guys are distracting. BIG TIME.