Monday, December 6, 2010

KL Motor Show 2010

it was awesome~~~!.
(with a big grinny face, just like this)

(hihihi....this is just my beloved darling busuk ngee~)

everything is just full of awesomeness!..
even the models for the cars seem like famous models
maybe i saw some in FHM or somethg?.
but, let's just focus on the cars.. :D

the cars are awesome~!!
(awesomeness has just starting to fill this post)
because it is full of awesomeness~!! hi3

okay okay,be cool...ehem2

so, the cars are full with unexpectedness
it is impressive that our beloved country's PROTON can produce cars like this...

(Proton EMAS - hybrid)

or like this...

(Proton Tuah - comes with the other brothers too!)

my jaw was half-dropped when I entered the first hall
it was on a Sunday, so it is good to expect lots of people and yeah,
we got stuck in traffic jam for about 2hours
but at least I think it's kinda worth it :)

so i suggest everyone should go
although this might be a little (or a lot) more 'ordinary' for some people (yg tak heran bout cool expensive cars just bcoz they got one (or lots) of these at home and it's just a total waste of time going to the crowded PWTC while their house looks just like an exhibition like this)
but it is totally awesome,with cool tokens and free stuffs too!.. :D

it's just too bad that i couldn't go with my adib busuk
he said that he would wait for me to go back to JB first then go to the exhibition,just bcoz he doesn't want me to be jealous.. (hot,skinny n sexy girls,remember?)
whatever :|
he finally bought the december issue of FHM just now
and again, whatever :|
i hope u know what to do, i trust u :|

p/s: i got car sick ;P