Wednesday, September 12, 2012

about flying a kite

fly a kite as you have hope for something
it makes you feel accomplished to have a dream, at least.
but the real accomplishment is not in just being able to fly one
it's how the wind sways harmoniously with it
understanding what the kite actually wants
understanding where the kite wants to go.

fly a kite when you feel like you need something
but you don't want to say it sometimes
just when you feel like panting,
running and trying really hard to make it fly.
sometimes you just want to feel blessed
if you can just make it fly
without being told
without being begged.

fly a kite when you don't feel you're loved enough
at least you will feel so for a brief moment
so that you can promise yourself something
promise yourself that you can be happy
no matter how the wind plays around with the kite.

fly a kite when you try to give a second chance
as long as the wind gives effort
look up
and just see how high it can go
or just wait for how hard it can crash to the ground.