Thursday, December 6, 2012

awesome nights were awesome

had too much fun lately..
I seem to be getting a lot of chances to attend some of great happenings around here.
even though assignments are piling up, it seems like I never fail to have fun every weekend and have some of the greatest times of my life.

it has been a while since the last time I put myself out there to open up to many new possibilities.
I realized that I haven't had that much fun in a very long time as I foolishly commit myself to someone who is really undeserving of my time, energy and tears.
I'm glad that things are working out for me quite well since the past 1 month.
I made lots of new friends and somehow it fills me up with much contentment.

so..these are the things that I've been doing since the past few weeks. ;)

1. SHOUT! Awards at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Subang @ 24th November 2012

having a blast front row!!. xD

Korean stars :)

I love this one :D

with the awesome babe, Sofe ;)

2. Piala Suzuki AFF 2012 - Malaysia lwn Indonesia @ 1st December 2012

2 - 0 weehooo!!. xD

just know these guys and they're awesome!. :D

3. My Bday Day Out with Eja @ Times Square ;)

at first we wanted to go to a spa but we did an amazing foot reflexology instead. it's cheap and it was ah-mazing!!. the masseuse also did some upper body massage and it's definitely a must-try. :))

great birthday weekend!
<3 td="td">

I had fun.
that's all I can say. :')


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Colour Block

I colour-block a lot these days.
I find myself always looking for new colours to add to my wardrobe.

I know colour-blocking has been around for a few months now, but it haven't been out of style yet!
I think it's because the possibilities of colour-blocking is pretty endless.
Not to mention being oh-so-addictive!
You will know the feeling once you start buying a pair of coloured jeans.
Choosing one colour out of the amazing palette you got on the store shelves will take up some time.
But, when you have a big bunch of money, I don't think you'll be satisfied with only one pair.
At least I know I wouldn't. xD

Wearing my green+yellow varsity jacket bought from Silver Planet at Angsana Mall, JB (RM85)

Brownish red jeans + beige purse + mint-green satchel. Awesome combo.

Lovin' this one.
Hot pink tudung (RM8) + Elianto's nail polish no.S02 (RM5.50) + Forever 21's 3-piece ring (RM23)
There were a lot more days where I colour-block.
But, I didn't take pictures that much and I think I will do once I got my camera later (wishing hard).

Here are some tips for great colour-blocking:
1. Don't push your luck. Do only maximum of 3 colour combo in one ensemble.

2. Match uniform shade/tone of colours in your ensemble. For example, pastels go well with other pastels. From the picture above, take a look on how that shade of green matches the pink. This is because the shade and the brightness/pop-ness (??) level of both colours are somehow equal. Thus, wallah~!!. A nice, bright colour-block.

3. Ask your friends for opinions before going out. This is important because sometimes, you think that you're doing it right, but as for me, I think it's best to have other people into looking at how well you pull off the combo because I had some days of bad colour-blocking attempt!. Better be safe than going out being a clown. (erkk!)

4. Be bold. I know that we had those comfortable days where people do not dare wearing bright colours and we match everything we wear using the same colours. The days where people play safe and play with different shades of the same colour are gone!!. Now it's the time to step out and play with colours!. That's the whole point of colour-blocking, anyway.

5. Don't have any ideas/inspirations? Go take a look on Bollywood movies where the Indian culture is all about festivity and colours!. They've been colour-blocking since forever and of course we can steal the look a lil bit here and there. One of my favourite colour combo from Bollywood movies I saw is green and pink, just like the 3rd picture I've posted above.

Don't believe it? Take a look at these awesome colour-blocking geniuses!

Before this post becomes a Bollywood-themed post, so I think by looking at these pictures, you get the idea of how Indian ladies colour-block with their sarees.
It's a wonderful culture and I've always been in love with it.

So, let your wardrobe get the taste of rainbow and trust me, your day will be happier and brighter.

#colourblock #fashion #style

Aztec Attack

First of all, I'm quite excited of the shawl I got for myself which is a brown-coloured Aztec-print shawl.
The Aztec tribal prints are 'the hot-stuff' at the moment and I, the closest fashion victim I know, is having fun with the print.
It's colourful and I love it!.

with Sheril, The Babe :)
Bought the shawl at Brands Outlet, Setia City Mall.
I bought the last piece, actually. And this one was on display. Desperate-much.
But it's okay.. I mean, the one's on display should be the one which is less tried-on and stuff.
It's long with comfy fabric, so I'm loving it so much!. :)

rockin' my new 5-inch platform wedges
What are those I'm wearing:
Aztec print shawl from Brands Outlet - RM19.90
Dolphin sleeveless top from Cotton On - RM30
Coloured skinny jeans from Cotton On - RM98
Havane Palme (Montego Bay Club) from Payless Shoe Source - RM94
Mint-green satchel from flea market@Sabah - RM30
And here's the picture of me wearing my brand new 5-inch platform wedges.
Bought them at Payless Shoe Source in Sunway Pyramid.
and it feels AH-MAZING!!.
I'm already 5' 11" and this one is totally a head-turner.
Like, literally.
People were taking 2nd glances, and usually the 2nd one would be on my feet.
And "yes, people..this time I am wearing high heels".
It's because usually people will always look at my feet eventhough I'm wearing flip-flops, wondering if I'm actually wearing high-heeled shoes when being this tall.
But seriously, it feels good. I love the feeling of wearing high heels.
Best feeling ever. I'm tired of caring too much of what people think of me - being awkwardly tall and big.

*extra: the red (on the tag it actually says 'Madder Brown') skinnies I'm wearing is super comfortable!. They're from Cotton On and I love 'em because it's stretchy, have a wide range of colours, and it's medium-high raise on the hips. Very, very good buy. :)

I love you. 

and yeay, I think this is my first post and style, I guess.
I hope it's a good start.

#fashion #style #prints #aztec #tribal

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chevy's Garlic Mashed Potatoes

4 medium/large russet potatoes
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon minced garlic (3-4 cloves)
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup cream
3/4 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Rub the potatoes lightly with oil and bake them for an hour until tender. Set aside to cool.

3. Mash 'em potatoes and remove half of the skin.

4. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat, then add garlic and sauté for 5 minutes.

5. Add the remaining ingredients into the pan and cook for 5-10 minutes. Stir until everything is even and smokin' hot.

Serves 4.
:) :) :) :)

almost McDonald's Bran Muffins

here it first post for recipe ;)

3 cups buttermilk
3 eggs
1/3 cup oil
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. sugar
3 cups bran flakes, slightly crushed
3 cups all-purpose flour

1. Bran flakes into blender and blend on high speed for 30 seconds.

2. Pour into bowl and beat in remaining ingredients until completely mixed. Use food processor at low speed.

3. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 24 hours.

4. Fill into greased muffin pan, almost full in each cup, and bake with oven pre-heated (200 Celcius) for 20-25 minutes or until cracked on top or toothpick inserted comes out clean.

**Plump raisins can be added in each cavity/cup before baking.

happy baking! :)

expansion in progress...

Recently, I added nuffnang ads to my blog.
just for fun.
so, that means I'm (kind of) feeling motivated to blog more because I often caught myself thinking about having a new, productive hobby.
I have some doubts in my skill of writing, the kind of humor and info I get to offer, etc..
I don't even know (yet) if writing is my...thing.
so, I thought I could just give it a try.

the whole point of whatever I've said above is that I've been thinking of expanding the topic of my blog.
I usually write personal stuff rather than stuff that I can share + benefit other people.
the stuff I wrote are more of like...first world girls' problems and things related to that, so yeah, I know, it's kinda boring.

here are some of the stuff I intend to write more about... :)
(I love putting my ideas and points in a list, so please don't think it's weird)

1. Fashion - my thoughts on the rapid change of trends and stuff. maybe write about fashion victims; the good side of it + the bad side. ;)

2. Food - I know I'm not much of a foodie, and I don't really have the chance to go eat here and there, but I realized that I always took pictures whenever I'm eating somewhere. plus, I love to you might find some recipes later ;)

3. maybe some more thoughts and opinions on current issues - I'll try..heh..heheheh....

basically, these are just rough plans on this 'new hobby' I'm trying to develop.
I need to find things to do to kill time because if I don't, I'll be tempted to go out.
and when people go out, they spend money. T___T

but......but but but...I really really really really reallyyyy want a video camera..really. I have this exciting idea about what I can do or achieve with a video camera. like seriously. ;O

Thursday, October 18, 2012

bitter heart

"my bitter heart is just getting a little bit more fragile..."

people come and go as they please.
and I will always just stand still,
allowing all these thrown at me, and I'm forced to swallow it all.
what am I supposed to do, anyway?

sometimes this pain in my heart is unbearable.
I tend to push it away, but still, it just won't let go
it is as stubborn and persistent as I am.
it's like that unbreakable chain
I'm fated to feel the pain.

one after the other
sometimes they come simultaneously
slapping, rubbing the inevitable truth
on this scarred, rough skin of mine.
and it bleeds, again and again
I've lost count.

countless prayers I've sent above
I say, "please, just make it stop already"
but the truth never made me happy
in every way
nah, it's impossible for me.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I know that not many people read my blog...
Thus, I think it's okay for me to post a wishlist for my upcoming 21st birthday.
I don't do this every year..this list is just a random idea I got because I love presents (but I feel bad to receive one) and I don't really tell people what I actually want if people were to give me presents.
the only people who I particularly dedicate this post is to my family.
because I'm too shy to ask from friends.
so, friends, don't take this seriously. I'm not really asking. it's just...
a wishlist. :)

1. a handy cam. so that I can take videos which are cooler than pictures. maybe start a vlog. :)

2. Panasonic's Lumix GF5 with L.u.V. okay, this one is a bit pricey (a lot,actually) thus to ask for this seems like too much. but I'm gonna include it anyway because I adore this camera so much.

3. a heart-shaped cake. I saw a Baskin Robbin's heart-shaped ice-cream cake at RedBox the other day and I was looks really cute because it looks small and sweet. the filling is chocolate chip mint ice-cream which is my favourite and the cake is pink in color!. super nice~... :D

4. a nice pair of heels/wedges. I've been dying to buy one since a long time ago, I love wearing heels eventhough I'm tall. But, I'm not always confident of buying a pair when I see them because at that moment I would think of a lot of excuses not to. so, if probably someone were to give me a pair, then it'll be a start to something that I myself are reluctant to actually...start. teehee. :p plus it's always difficult for me to find shoes in my size, so yeah.

5. a decent pendrive. I can't remember the last time I had a decent pendrive. I don't have one for a few semesters already and I always save stuff on my email. maybe it's a good time to have one.

6. a small MP3 player. maybe something like iPod shuffle but the cheap one is very good enough already. maybe smthg like Sony Walkman or smthg. I don't prefer listening to songs (on-the-go) thru my phone, so I might need one.

7. a turtle backpack. a cute but cool backpack would be nice. the one I have now (Lois in beige colour) is an old bag but it's still in a good condition. but, I think it would be really cool if I have one of those nice turtle backpacks where I can put my stuff and books in. and be a turtle going to class.heheh. :3

8. a love/lava lamp. hahah been wanting this ridiculous lava lamp since...forever. it'll be a nice addition to my bedroom. :D

9. a trip to a nice beach where I can ride ponies during sunset. nuff said.

10. fly a kite. with friends on a nice, windy day where I can fly it easily.

11. a driver's licence. it's a gift if someone wants to pay for the course. :p

12. a comfy+wide pink and purple sejadah. I saw one not long ago and I really love it. the colours are unique and striking. :)

13. a nice cardigan with pretty prints. maybe something like these...

14. a good 'How To Win An Argument' book. saw one before, but I didn't buy it. regrets.

15. My Man.

that's all, I think.
15 is okay for now :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

about flying a kite

fly a kite as you have hope for something
it makes you feel accomplished to have a dream, at least.
but the real accomplishment is not in just being able to fly one
it's how the wind sways harmoniously with it
understanding what the kite actually wants
understanding where the kite wants to go.

fly a kite when you feel like you need something
but you don't want to say it sometimes
just when you feel like panting,
running and trying really hard to make it fly.
sometimes you just want to feel blessed
if you can just make it fly
without being told
without being begged.

fly a kite when you don't feel you're loved enough
at least you will feel so for a brief moment
so that you can promise yourself something
promise yourself that you can be happy
no matter how the wind plays around with the kite.

fly a kite when you try to give a second chance
as long as the wind gives effort
look up
and just see how high it can go
or just wait for how hard it can crash to the ground.

Friday, June 15, 2012

be a good lover

a good lover is defined as...

being loyal and truthful to your partner.

but being a simple human being
enough is never enough.
we overlooked.
we over-think.
we did not realize the true moment of appreciation.
and I'm never perfect.
I'm never the saint.
I'm not always right.
I make mistakes
so do everyone else
so do you.

as loving is never easy in this world of ours.
nothing is easy.

keeping my sanity

too many things happening at once.
sometimes I think I just couldn't handle it anymore.
so after a few burnouts and yelling out of nowhere,
I just decided to make a few bad decisions for the past few days.

when I needed to escape, I escaped.
these days, this particular end-of-semester,
is definitely testing my patience and inner strength.
I think the possibility of losing my mind is...
at the moment.
and during several moments just a few days ago.

thus I'm just waiting for all these to end.
thus I'm just gonna keep quiet if you're mad at me.
thus I'm just gonna wait for things to be okay.
thus I'm just NOT going to give up on anything
or anyone.

I'm taking this as a phase.
one of the many bitter phases in my life.
I'm simply troubled, I can't handle stress really well.
keep calm and carry on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bila aku sudah tiada

bila aku sudah tiada
biarlah semua orang meneruskan hidup
menggunakan semua peluang yang ada
semua peluang yang aku tinggalkan

bila aku sudah tiada
sebarkanlah hartaku sebaik-baiknya
berikanlah kpd anak-anak itu
yang bisa membuatkan hatiku tersentuh,
menangis di jiwa.

bila aku sudah tiada
aku mahukan orang yang aku cinta
membahagiakan dirinya di alam yang nyata
dengan perasaan yang lebih benar
dengan perasaan yang lebih dalam

bila aku sudah tiada
lakarkanlah memoriku
di dalam buku yang tebal kulitnya
agar bisa kau tanam dalam-dalam
cukup dalam hingga kau tak mampu mengoreknya kembali

bila aku sudah tiada
maafkanlah dosaku
maafkanlah khilafku

bila aku sudah tiada
berbahagialah semuanya
aku hanya
satu cebisan hidupmu
tak kira kecil atau besar

kau akan harungi
kau harus lepasi

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

new look

at least now you don't have to strain your eyes when visiting this blog.
before, I had the background in striking colours of hot pink and bright, deep orange.
at least now it looks a lot more subtle and calming.
easier to read too, I've changed the font.

to go really deep into this topic, it's not just about the blog.
I'm turning into a new leaf,
now, since a couple of months ago,
I've been wearing hijab.
full time.

I admit to the fact that before, I dress sexily.
I do short pants, short skirts, dresses, sleeveless and what nots.
maybe the term 'dressing sexily' could be subjective to certain people,
but I think you get the point.
I expose my skin quite a lot.

anyway, now I don't do that anymore.
it's a challenge, going through my wardrobe and clothes racks at the mall - defying to go back to the old me.
I feel comfortable in this new look.
I feel safe.
I feel good.

some people asked me WHY.
I really don't have a certain answer for that.
it just, happened.
and I don't think that I'll be changing my mind.
this. is better.

people do change.
I know I can.
I just, know.

Monday, May 21, 2012

antara perlu dan takut

aku dilihat. sama sahaja.

diri ini dipersembah begini
bukan lagi seperti yang kau kenali.

aku bukanlah apa yang kau nampak
aku bukanlah apa yang kau lihat
aku lain
aku sentiasa berbeza.

mungkin aku ingin berubah
dan mencuba apa yang baru untuk diteroka
mungkin disini bermula
satu cabaran yang tiada keperluannya.

bukan kebiasaan

ngeheheh tonight I think I'm gonna write in BM.
I can easily be influenced,and I've been reading books in BM quite recently.
it's been evolving in a way I didn't expect, and I'm still exploring the beauty in them :)

ok. ini bukan kebiasaan.
menulis dalam BM.
blog dah ada lama, tapi hampir semua dalam Bhs Inggeris.

(sorry to say, tp sebenarnya aku suka menulis dlm bentuk begini. bukannya pengaruh dr sesiapa, cuma aku tak menyokong penulisan bahasa Melayu yg digelar 'moden' atau 'bahasa elektronik')

ada buku.
penuh dengan coret tak tentu hala.
tak semua yang ditulis sama.
tak semua yang tahu buku itu wujud.
hakikatnya tak siapa pun tahu apakah ia sebenarnya.

aku bukan jenis yang berahsia.
semua yang ada dihati, seringkali diluah walau tak dimengerti.
tapi buku ini, mungkin rahsia yang
aku tak rasa dunia perlu tahu.

mungkin pelik.
aku yang sedang bercerita tentang buku rahsia.
tapi, buku itu
adalah penenang jiwa
satu 'escapism'
dari dunia yang terlalu sering aku tempuhi
yang sejaknya aku sendiri sudah lupa

aku bukan perahsia
aku bukan sebuah misteri
aku buka hatiku sentiasa
untuk sesiapa yang ingin meneroka
cuma beberapa ketika
aku lebih selesa
sendiri, tak diketahui.

ruang dihati
tak semua mesti diisi
tinggalkan lah sekelumit
untuk kau lari menyembunyi diri.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mohawk bun

mohawk bun everybody loves :)

it's so very simple.
I saw some likes on my Facebook album so this is how I do it.
(saw the tutorial on YouTube actually. credits to RachhLoves) <3

1. Section your hair horizontally into three sections. (just like how you do it when you want to have that half ponytail on the upper part of your hair and letting the lower part to just fall freely).

2. Twist each sections, starting from the upper part, and roll it like snail's shell (with the core of the twist still visible - so that the little buns created won't look too cone-ish or ball-ish).

3. Secure the ends of each twists with bobby pins.

4. Walk out and be proud. :D

I'm happy with it coz it's so simple and not time-consuming.
the best part about it is that when you untwist them down, you'll have triple levels of gorgeous, big curls!.
the after-effect is just as awesome as it is in the first place.

had some compliments when I walk around the faculty, too. :)

happy experimenting.