Monday, May 24, 2010

sunday nite = oprah nite ;)

last Sunday i watched OPRAH @ Hallmark Channel
they talked bout how women can go to d extreme to be beautiful
n d best thing about this episode,they not only focused on America..they r going global

there's this Jessica Simpson's new's about exploring how women around d world define beauty and their various ways on how to achieve it..some of them are:
1. Nigeria - obsessed with hair *extensions, global hair trends n style...etc*
2. Indonesia - their au-natural beauty methods
3. India - drinking distilled cow-urines to enhance inner beauty *:O*
4. China - plastic surgeries *and a new technology - break ur legs, install metal rods between ur broken bones, n u can increase ur height between 1.5-3inches taller!*

d one that they focused more *because of d uniqueness* is China..
this is because once upon a time in China, maybe somewhere around d 60's, beauty was banned in China..this means that no long hair, no makeup, no women's clothing, no cantik2 or whatsoever..women in early China were practically in uniforms, which they thought everybody must wear masculine clothing n style..well to me,it's hell! is every women's right, it shouldn't be banned...
well, thank god it's over n now u can see some of d most stylish women in the streets of China :D

going back into d program founded by d lovely Jessica, it is actually inspired by her struggles fighting over d cruel n mindless critics about her looks her n her weight..there was this issue about d Jessica's 'fat' pictures in mom jeans..well actually the jeans is size 4!..she was size 4,dammit!..sure she looks kinda fat but she is beautiful, n she is not that fat, at all!..

another inspiring effort of her in reminding us all that being whatever size u r makes u stay beautiful, she visited this young girl named.........i don't know,i forgot..d minute i saw her,all i can see is not boneless, but fleshless young woman..seriously, for d record, she is d most anorexic woman i've ever seen!..
well, everybody has a story, n this one is her's..once she was very, very interested into modelling..and a bitch (i guess) told her that she needs to lose 10kg to get into d modelling world,n actually at the moment she is skinny enough..well, there she goes, going anorexic until now...pity her :(

n that is why nowadays some of the top designers(i.e Chanel) ban models that are size zero to model for them..i think d least is size likey Chanel!. :D

so, being skinny is not supposed to be a must for u to be beautiful or prettier..actually currently i adore SNSD girls..(haha)..becoz they are very cute n hot..but,most of the time i only think in my head that i need to be skinny to be like that...i know that they are beautiful,n they are very hot but it seems that d media is over-rating beauty in women n showing everybody that being skinny is d only way to look real hot..we all love beauty but, media is like a mind control..we can't help not to follow what they've said, but sometimes we must think that "who are they to tell u what is beautiful or not?"..
but looking deeper into this matter, d 1st thing when a woman look at herself in d mirror is.......d other primitive kind of ours, MEN
i think most women nowadays (maybe all,idk) think that they have to look good not for themselves, but for men..tell me that this is not true, but if we had to make a list on why we have to wear this,look like this,like that, well be honest, one of them will be to attract men..well, it's not anybody's fault, it's human nature :|, if they were to be given options, of course they want a girl that is beautiful n hot..but sometimes, who are they to demand?..u can't demand anything from love..well they might say, i don't mind if i'm going to get a fat or unattractive wife, but if they are to be given a nice n pretty n hot young woman, no one can't help to not to accept that..
but it is actually depending on how we define beauty...n what we see in d word 'beauty' nowadays is depending on d influence we get..n what they say as attractive is hot, that means at least u r skinny enough...sometimes u just can't help it
but just imagine if d media says that being overweight is beautiful, but in a different aspect, it is unhealthy..
so i guess what is worth to fight for is being healthy, n being healthy means having an ideal weight..but it totally does not mean being skinny,just be, fight for what u think that is good for u,not for anybody else..

but to me, i think it is better to have a world with variety...d last thing u want to see is everybody around u having an ideal weight with no one having extra fat here n there..n i think that is how d world keep itself balanced..but the thing is, just don't categorize among us..we do not have d right to categorize what is beautiful n what is not (in terms of weight n body size)..d only way to make the world a better place is to make EVERYBODY feel good about is all about balance, n state of mind

i myself think that i need to lose weight,bcoz i gained weight (duhh~)..n i think that i would feel healthier if i can get an ideal weight..but then, it all depends on my effort..what we need whenever we think of this is to put our objectives in d right track..u want to be healthy, not thinking that losing weight can make u more beautiful..i am beautiful, no matter what size i am wearing now..i can be real fat, but i am all turns back into how we define beauty, n it is not an issue for us to categorize among ourselves

footnote: i feel like i just wrote an essay, but these are the things inside my can be a bit confusing, but d keywords i would like to stress is balance and the right to categorize between us..simply saying, be comfortable in whatever size u are n think about balance..if u are fat, hope that these 2 keywords can stop u from grabbing that slimming pills n get overdosed n apparently die alone on d bed O______o

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nurses' Nite '10 (:

...which was held @ Mega Hotel, Miri
majlis start pkul 7, masuk dlm 7.30...diva laa katakann :P

well anyway,d party went well n swell
but.......d food wasn't that great, though

at the party,i was wearing a flair white dress, sweet yet chick :D
i love the way i look

it was just a ballroom full of nurses...
n my bro was a bit hyper, i don't know why
he participated in karaoke, singing 'Sampai Hati - Spring'
well, i admit it, he was pretty good... :| we have this chicken dance thingy..haha funny :|
well, to tell uolz d truth, i wasn't really full with d dinner...bcoz it's not so yummy
so...suddenly i feel like eating cakes...any cakes, as long as it is a cake :O

ughh...ok i'm not full, meaning still hungry
but i don't want to eat much *watching my weight, i gained a bit and it is worrying me*

another bizarre moment i have in my life rite now...i don't really feel like shopping when going to the mall, i don't know is very weird of me for not being interested in anything while shopping..hurmm
but when it comes to online shopping, i feel like crying..why?? = because i want those stuff soo bad but i don't have d money to buy 'em...too bad :'(

business in Miri are very, very thriving...wanna know why??.d things (clothes in particular) that are supposed to be sold in a particular price, are multiplying at least 2 1/2 times when u're shopping in Miri...damn, they put on excuses such as 'owh, it's d shipping n such that makes it expensive'...i mean like, duhhh.....that top only costs like rm30-rm35 in real life but when u're having u're life lived in Miri, that top can be price-tagged for at least that's a real whoop :| urghh, i miss KL all of a sudden T_T

so, maybe that is d cause for my no-mood-to-shop symptoms..even online shopping is much more satisfying...why??
1. much more pretty n gorgeous
2. much more cheaper
3. not much people around will be having or wearing the same thing

so.....go online shopping!!rather than making d Chinese in Miri much more richer thru ridiculously high-priced items


footnote: this post should be about d dinner party..but, well, there's just not much to talk about :|

Thursday, May 20, 2010

subject of torture

MEdSI interview, UPM kampus bintulu

super ...................(fill in d blank)

dah la susah2 nak tukar venue...i was soo close to buy the tickets (MYY-KL) then d guy from putrajaya called (not adib, but d kementerian guy) :|

so boleh pulak tukar...hishhh :O

the morning cracked on that not-so-lovely Wednesday morning, 19th May '10
it's 7.30a.m & i'm already on my way to bintulu..i was with my dad :|

d journey took us +-2hours n it seemed longer than i expected...wanna know why???
almost 1 1/2 hour along d journey, all u can see is thousands and thousands of acres of oil palm goes up to the highest hill that u could see from d front, sides n ur back & it's wayy beyond it...i wonder, how many trees are needed just to fill up the oceanic view of the oil palm estate??oh my lord... :O

then we reached bintulu...n we're 3 1/2 hours early... :|
i was feeling a bit sick n dizzy...i didn't even finish my lunch *poor yummy chicken lalapan*
i saw this one jumper with shorts, it's voir jeans..d price tag?.RM120 :| new arrival
well,never mind

reached UPM, i was sleeping in d mengantuk siott,dunno why do i have to be mengantuk on that very day
then it's time to register n wait...
still waiting.................................................

my name is called, the lady asked me to sit n queue until d interviewer calls out my name
n i waited again.......................

then poof!.Mersita?.ok that's me..dup dap dup dap a bit but still maintaining my coolness
n the interview begins...
several random n i'm-not-sure-if-this-questions-does-matter-or-not questions on me...
a bad imitation of awful recitation of Sonnet 18...thank-god aced on Macbeth
several out-of-d-world questions n a few bad jokes onwards...
ok Mersita,u're done..
well thank u sir n i promise i won't ever set foot on this torture chamber, ever thank u so much :|

well,that's about it...too lazy to mention what they asked me...n so to let uolz know, they even made an issue out of my love life...wth???

ok fine, bye :|

footnote: on d way back, more n more palm trees =_=

Saturday, May 15, 2010

kemalasan yg melampau -______-

life sucks...

anyway..i've messed up in a lot of things
1. my interview thingy
2. motivation to lose weight (duhh... :|)
3. reorganizing my wrecked wardrobe - i'm simply clueless on where to stuff in all my clothes
4. finance
5. urge to shop
6. everyday routine - which consists of practically N.O.T.H.I.N.G
7. staying up till 4a.m+ everyday n eventually waking up really2 late (turning nocturnal)
8. my Nokia 7390 is fucked up
9. worried sick bout my future - which can be linked to d 1st in d list :|

today,nothing interesting - AT ALL!.
d only interesting part in my everyday life is my unimaginable, out-of-d-world, ridiculous nonsense dream..
i dreamt bout going to a football game,i think here in miri or somewhere..chelsea vs ??..i simply don't know what football has anything to do with my everyday life (maybe its bcoz of d fifa thingy ads here n there)
i saw something burning on d side of d road, going back to sleep in a very weird neighborhood filled with my relatives.....??uhh :|
yada yada yada...i woke up at 4...n that is d record of d year -_______-

footnote: sometimes i just dont know what to update in my blog..i would stare at d blank page n later on finding myself going blank :|