Tuesday, November 30, 2010

great moments

and here i am
still awake at 2a.m. (quite early in nocturnal people's world)
trying to update my blog
quite tired but still okay
after the crazy, hectic weekend of the month :|

finally, the asasian's public speaking competition is O.V.E.R
it went well,thanks to the organizing team and participants and bla bla blaa~..

one of the most interesting story of the year: a visit to Tangkak,my beloved adib's grandparent place..there was a khatan kenduri made for adib's cousins who are going to be grab n cut on the............(fill in d blanks) :D kesian dorg haha
there was me, adib, paeh & kerak..
initially, we attended ikki's wedding in muar..right after visiting ikki n in,we went to adib's tok mak's home in tangkak,which was filled with relatives coming for the kenduri

so, yeah...i've met the family :O
huhu scaryyy~
but it was fun, and i'm glad that adib introduced me to his wonderful family
as usual,some 'interviews' from the family members especially tok mak n adib's mom,just asking the usual stuff..
i freaked out a bit but i like it at the same time
i love u,busuk

seriously, i think that my writing skills and organization (for blogs) are slowly getting weirder and perhaps incorrect..or odd O____o
idk why,maybe i just blankly wrote stuffs coming or passing through my mind..
i'm still quite overwhelmed by the things i did n encounter during the whole weekend, so i might need some time to calm myself down...
love,affection,n cuddles may help...
sayang,i want u here with me right now :'|

still doesn't know when i'm going back to JB
let's just let things smooth down and fall into their places later
i'm too tired (mentally) to make any decisions right now that might change my routine and environment..this is what happens when u travel n move here n there a lot most of the time..i need a holiday :|
holiday without moving from my seat,can ah??.

so damn bored..
i need ideas though for my downloads moment..
i need songs,i need to update my quite ancient playlist

oh yeah, on the 30th November 2010 (today lah) is my beloved adib busuk's graduation day!..i'm so proud of u,syg

let's make our life more meaningful with the people we love and with those who cares..life's to short to be alone :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


do people (women especially) love to have and maybe make up an imaginary problems to worry about?.
i know sometimes i do..

do women need love and attention while guys need space and less concern on small things that matter to women?.
no comment.

do women need more and more clothes each time the trend changes now and then while guys can shop for tshirts and jeans only once a year?.
women make the world prettier with more varieties???

do we need to be skinny to feel good and confident?.
because people care and pay soo damn much attention on bulgy stomach and such

you can't change yourself for to be better?.
urmmm~can't answer that,i simply don't know :)

p/s: super damn bored :|

in a cage

bird cage...
birdy birdy birdy :D

hoo yeahh~ today joe+me took a trip to KL Bird Park, the largest free-flight walk-in bird park in the world...how cool is that??.

the pamphlet says:
"once you step into the entrance gate, it is as if you are stepping into a huge bird cage..."
oh yes,it does feel like it...it is home for nearly 3000 birds with different species from all around the world
it smells like poo all the time but the experience we had worth a lot. :D

and yeah,i also fed the cutesy parrots!..some of them are perves by the way...they landed on the places they shouldn't land...

what else??.oh yeah, some male peacocks followed (stalked) us...maybe it's because i'm wearing a pair of peacock feather earrings..hahahaha
it may be insulting to them, but hey, they should know that it's trendy and people are wearing and selling them everywhere..
no offence, pretty peacocks :)

after the trip, we went to The Mines...it has been a while since the last time we went there together...i kinda love the mall..it's a bit small but sometimes it's better than huge malls with lots of places to cover..
and yeah, joe bought a new mobile phone - Nokia E5
loovee the phone..5mp camera,wifi,gps,and some other cool features :)

kinda sad...tomorrow i'm going back to JB for a week, will come back here at the 23rd..so,i will not be seeing joe for a while...after a week here,we'll not be seeing each other for another month,which is till end of the year...
i wish i wish i wish next year joe's not going to be too far away from here...but if there's no other choice,i have to let go :'(

i'm gonna miss u so much,busuk..me wuv u :')

p/s: i know my post kinda lame this time, but, idk..maybe i'm just too busy on my newly signed up twitter n tumblr account :D