Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tioman Trip 2014

Hello, pretty people!!
It's been a while.
I miss this blog and this is a good time to publish an amazing story. :D

The last blogpost I published revolves around the friends I've made last year.
I feel so blessed that I would never trade this friendship for anything else.
Somehow, I thank you, Abd. Rahman Menteri for making my life miserable.
Amazing things bloom from that dreadful life event.

Cakap panjang pun tak guna, what matter most is that this friendship had brought me to the amazing, wonderful island of Tioman.

It took us months to plan the trip. In the end, there were only 7 of us instead of 10 from the original plan.
And when it actually happened; the weather, the date, the timing ... were perfect.
It was a weekend getaway; 28th - 31st March 2014 (Friday-Monday)
We allocated RM600 for the trip, the package worth RM450. The rest was for gas, toll, snorkel gear, jungle trekking and other miscellaneous.
We took off from KL and the journey to Tg. Gemok Jetty in Rompin, Pahang took around 4-5 hours. The ferry from Tg.Gemok - Tioman departed at 11am and Tioman - Tg.Gemok at 2pm.
We selected the Juara Mutiara holiday package for 4D3N where the RM450 budget includes:
1. Chalet for 4 persons (2 queen-sized beds, TV, Astro, air-conditioner, dressing table, huge and clean bathroom with water heater).
2. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the stay + BBQ
3. Guided trip to the waterfall (jungle trekking)
4. Snorkeling at 4 different spots around the island
5. Transportation for all activities - Toyota Hilux
6. Ferry (mainland-Tioman, Tioman-mainland)
7. Karaoke + jamming nights

If you ask me, the price is pretty worth it.

The locals were very friendly and we felt so much at home.
The scenery's to die for.
If you choose to stay at the Juara Mutiara Resort which is in Kpg. Juara, you will get the side of the horizon where you can see sunrises instead of sunsets.
Since I love the beach and sunsets so much, it was very refreshing to finally found a new passion for sunrises.

Jungle-trekking was perhaps the most tiring activity of all.
The journey to the waterfall/natural spring water took us around half an hour. We were guided by a bunch of amazing 10 year-old kids who seem to have the jungle as their playground. We were panting and sweating like crazy but we couldn't see even a drop of sweat on their brows. Swallowing our pride, we managed to get to the waterfall and the water was freakishly cold, but super refreshing. The water tasted sweet, I wish I sipped more than I've had. :p
Another half an hour for the journey back to the village, and it was much easier than climbing up the terrain.

With the package in hand, you just need around RM100 (maybe less) pocket money so that you can buy drinks for the activities, try out other delicacies available excluded in the package as well as for your cravings once you enter the duty-free shop in Tioman.
The duty-free shop we visited in Tioman was the one in Kg. Tekek. They have chocolates, souvenirs, beach necessities, all kinds of booze and cigars.
The booze and cigars are super cheap, but the chocolates are not as cheap as we expected.

Another duty-free shop is located in Kpg. Salang. Salang Beach is one of the most popular beach in Tioman Island because the nightlife is probably more 'happening' there.
Perfect for young groups like us but we chose Kpg. Juara because the list of activities looks more appealing to us.

The trip was amazing and I had so much fun.
Thank you, God, for the opportunity and I wish we can plan more holidays in the future.
Next year: Pangkor!!!

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