Friday, July 1, 2011

FE Journal #2

woke up at 6.30 in the morning, getting ready and all packed to SM Sains Kuching, located at Jalan Matang. I took a cab I called earlier that night. credits to Intan for giving me the cab's phone number. she's right, the fare is quite cheap. it's a metered taxi but the taxi driver was kind enough to even give me discounts!.the overall cab fare is RM38. quite cheap considering the distance (30mins drive from Tabuan Jaya).

That morning, I decided to wear black baju kurung with rainbow shawl. arrived at the school around 7.40am with all eyes on me because I got a luggage with me which makes me feel a bit like an alien. so I left my bag outside while I looked for the principal. apparently she's not been around for a few days, so I was taken to En. Bahtiar the PK1. he's very friendly & nice, he took us on a tour around the school. and he helped me find a place to stay with Ustzh. Ainon.

actually it wasn't supposed to be the first day of FE. but it felt like it. just after we had a nice tour around the school, En. Bahtiar invited us to the teachers' room because they got staff briefing every Friday, 10.50am. some teachers showed us our cubicles and we both got one each. actually it's another teachers' table but they're not around coz mine's on maternity leave while Diana's is on a work trip to Japan. *gilaa cool*

so, after all that, I met Kak Ainon and she asked me to wait for her at the office while waiting for her to finish her classes. so I sat in the office while teachers walk in and out, punched out & such. all I do was sit there and smile when I look up and find someone passing me by. and apparently I succeeded in talking to almost every teacher in that school. nice job ;D

after about 2 hours of waiting, I finally moved in with Kak Ainon at the teachers' flat at the back of the school. at 2.30pm, we went out to but some groceries, went back home to cook & eat, and after dinner I found my room swarmed by those small flying insect which loves to swarm the lamp. after fighting them off with kain batik, the off to sleep coz I'm not feeling so well. fighting bugs is a taxing job.

wow, so that's practically all that happened to me on the 1st of July, 2011. it's been a while since I blogged about my whole day, but this one is interesting coz I've been through a lot of things, alone.

until next time.
toodles~ ;)