Friday, July 30, 2010

weekends are human rights!.. (especially for students!)

it has been 5 weeks here in UiTM and we only got one weekend free...'s kind of tiring but when there's too much free time, it can be quite boring too
so, to make it perfect, give me a bunch of money and i'll spend it in just a blink of an eye...

ughh....i'm tired, and i don't want to spend my tiring day in my little space of my little room in a small spec of UiTM Shah Alam that is called Kolej Mawar...ouh man, i hope i can get out of that place and go rent a house somewhere near Sect. 17 or somethg...please let this 1st semester pass away as fast as it can :|

today...not much..went out for lunch at Pak Li's Sect. 18 with beloved Adib busuk, Niessa Abd. Azis, Turisaina Tukiman & Farah Sofia a.k.a Che'gu...
i ate Hokkien Kuey Tiaw (which is quite nice) and a glass of barley drink...Adib ate his lunch he brought from home :D

and now i'm at Dedaru Square with Tengku Sheril Amirah Bustaman & Nadhirah Rahman...i have loads of seaweeds, seketul ayam goreng cafe gagak, mocha drink with pearl, and Ayamas Roti Impit wrapper by my side...i ate a lot, yes i do...please help me not to :|

tomorrow we got module to attend to...(it's compulsory, shit!)
to make it more 'easier' for me, Adib busuk almost planned on going to watch 'Despicable Me' on Saturday and he asked me "syg, nak tgk wayang x this saturday??"
i was like, "damn..module!" aaaaaaarrrrggggggggggghhhhhh i hate thisss~!!!!!!!! :'(

i don't care..!on Monday, i'm going to watch that despicable movie ANYHOW possible and i'm dragging Adib along.......byk kali dah hati ini didukacitakan and i don't want that to happen again!..there's too much cancellation of plans has been done!..gggggrrrrrrrrr

footnote: i love my syg busuk so mush2 :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last Saturday was a date-day with my beloved ADIB busuk :D

i'm soo happy & excited, i managed to pull off a very pretty look for that day!..i wore a long, purple, paisley-printed summer dress (with pretty make-up n great hair day, of course) :D

on the date, we went to Mid Valley Shopping Mall! is one of my favorite shopping mall other than Sunway Pyramid...(aww, i miss Sunway soo much!.) :(

we planned on watching 'Despicable Me' bcoz i really love that cute little girl in the movie (Agnes that says... IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!) it's the 1st time i heard someone who wanna die just bcoz of something fluffy..just imagine if Agnes found ur little Persian kitten..i'm sure she'll choke the kitten to death.. :|

but sadly, we didn't had the time to watch movie cuz Mid Valley's GSC was packed with humans queuing for a ridiculously long line for the tickets..yeah, i know that now is the season of movie watching cuz great movies e.g 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' & 'Despicable Me' are now showing, fresh from the oven...but the queues for tickets are just despicable as how 'Despicable Me' can be as much as despicable than that... (???does that makes sense,at all???) :D

with the movies plan dumped, we might as well try our very best to watch the movie on Wednesday (movie day!)...yeay,it's still on!. :D

when we were about to leave GSC, we saw an entrance to....................


Adib busuk were practically hopping in to the fair with a wide grin on his face...

it's soo nice to see him smile happily...all i wanna see is happiness in him, then i would be happy as well...

Adib busuk has been whining on buying Keroro Gunso model kit since....i don't remember

before, when i was still in Asasi, he kept on saying that he wanted to have a NERF Vulcan..(definition: it's a battery-operated toy gun that can shoot out nerf bullets one after another repeatedly)'s kinda cool but it's quite expensive $$$

now, when i came back to Shah Alam for degree, he told me he wants that Keroro thingy soo badly...everytime we go to a shopping mall, he would go to Jusco (toys section) or just any toy shop to find that cute green frog...but every attempt was to no avail :(

then he would make an expression just like a little boy wanting toys from his mother...soo cute but sorry sayang, there' nothing i could do to bring u Keroro bcoz it is quite hard to find

going back to our story at Mid Valley, we thought that the toy fair would definitely be selling a Keroro somewhere...thus, we came across a Gundam booth but the guy said that they don't have any Keroros at the moment...Adib was very upset and to mend his broken heart over Keroro, he bought a winged Gundam robot which cost him almost RM70, and it is quite cheap...kesian my syg busuk

BUT, the guy mentioned that they will bring in Keroro on the next day (Sunday) but Adib got a lot to do on that day, thus making going to Mid Valley a quite impossible task...again,kesian my syg busuk...

again with the BUT, i managed to go to Mid Valley on Sunday bcoz the Star Wars maniac (my cousin & uncle) wanted to see their idols from Star Wars (they were just Cosplayers) the moment of arrival, i rushed to the toy fair short-breathed and asked the guy for Keroro...

THANK GOD, they still got a stack left on they said, earlier in the morning they got 4-5 stacks of Keroros, but when i arrived around 1pm, there was just a stack left...that green frog is soo cool so i bought 2, one is Keroro on a flying saucer & another one would be the Keroro on top of a Keroro-like robot...sorry peeps, i'm not really a fan of these model kits so i don't really know what Gundam maniacs would call 'em hahaha :D

wrapped nicely (with lots of love in the making) just like a birthday present, i gave the Keroro to Adib yesterday (Monday)...he didn't know that i was buying him Keroro bcoz on that Sunday i told him that i was at The Mines...hahahah sorry tipu :P

at the moment when he saw the wrapped gift, he actually could guess what's inside but the best part is the surprise...and the surprised i made actually WORKED!..yeayy!..soo glad i did it, bcoz i could stand a chance to get the most precious thing that i can have from him; a look full with love, happiness, honesty, and thankfulness…I LOVE YOU, SAYANG~… (aww~ ngee hee..)

and now he already started working on his Keroro, eager to see the result…

ouh yeah, at the toy fair on that Saturday, he bought me a pair of Blythe contact lenses (Korean-made, 1 year use, blue, giving doll-like effect, gorgeous, almost RM50) thank u, sayang!..ngee~ sukee sgt2…

when I put it on, he was like ‘mengada-ngada’ a bit blushing2 looking at my eyes (jatuh cinta konon) hahaha my adib is soo busuk,eeeeeee :D

I just had a fever today…I think I got it thru an infection from somebody (kak atik demam on my stay at Kajang, and I sat next to her and she was like kiddingly ‘transfer’ her fever aura to me,aaaaaaaarrgghhh~!) hahaha

Maybe it is becoz of that but idk, cuz now is the fever season (far worse, there’s a lot of dengue fever cases around msia currently, erkk!) I hope I’ll be better soon,though…I couldn’t afford to get sick, I got a life K

Good news, my PTPTN loan has just been approved, but I have to get ready with all the documents & such to present to them, then only the money would be credited to my bank account (hopefully I can get the full loan = RM3K kaching2~!! $$$)

footnote: Idk why I tend to write such long post like this but it has been a while since the last time I updated it and… u go, bamm~!!.. :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

B.Ed (Hons.) TESL @ part 1

1st of all, gelak dulu

tahniah & padan muka utk aku kerna bjaya dpt B.Ed TESL at UiTM's nothing, peeps...
it's just that i finally got what i wanted, degree in TESL at UiTM Shah Alam
but i remember that during Asasi year, i kept on complaining how UiTM can be 'uncool' at times (especially the college) but then i still prefer to be here..ngahaha hypocrite much :|

anyway, i'm here baby!..
well, it has been 3 weeks till i finally got the time to update this gorgeous pinkish blog of mine but still, it's still fresh news!.. (i guess) ngee~ *grin*

pretty much, everything still stays the same...but since the new Visi has taken his place, several changes has been made though..the new 'policy' (if that is what u want to call it) goes like this...:
"GIVE CHANGES A CHANCE" *while imagining how mr. Visi would say it* pretty cool,tho :D

one of 'em is that we, the current part 1 students would not have the chance to pick our own minor in the degree program...previously, the seniors were given the chance to choose either literature, counselling, or music as their degree minor but i guess that we can say goodbye to that has been said that there is no use to let us take other minors rather than literature because the other minors would not benefit us especially during practicum in part 7 later on...idk, some of my friends are quite frustrated bout it...maybe that would make 'em say "why, won't uols give chances to us rather than to give chances to changes????" :|

putting that anger n frustration aside, i'm the happiest girl alive~~~!!! hahaha :D
i have my syg busuk on my side, he loves me, he cares for me, and it seems like there has been some good changes in him....impressive, and progressive~...hehehehe :DD
sayang busuk goyang goyang tottt~...hahaha chumel sgt!.grrr geram *gigit2*
i've given him a teddy named 'Stinky' aaaaa~ chumel lg!...geramm lg~ hahaha XD
sayang2 stinky busuk :D

self-progress pulak.....
hurmm, shopaholic in me seems like it's never going away...
help me, please~ :(
in organization, wow~!..i've done it!..i've started to write at least something in my planner!.. :O
i got an expanding, neon pink file (labelled gteww~!) for notes and such...
it's nice and easy to live this way...why couldn't i think of it earlier??? uhh :|

i think it would just be nice for me to live my life to the fullest, not giving a damn to those who don't give a shit bout me (there are some, not to be mentioned or else i'm gonna have a bad mood), and learn to control myself from self-destructing habits and i'm going to try my best to lose weight..and that's my promise to myself (but hopefully i can absorb motivation around to help me get going with it) :DD

footnote: been breaking my diet for a week now....get back on track!!..

Friday, July 2, 2010


u can't have what u want from someone u love
not even the least of what u expected

u will hear he say, "i love u and i've never feel like this before for a girl"
and it actually doesn't seem like it

when u expect the nicest words from him when u did/say something special
all u get is all the silence in the world

when u ask ur loved one to climb on the top of the tallest mountain in the world, and scream out loud his love for u
he just doesn't feel like it

when he say stuff to make u feel special
in the end u will know that the 'most special' is somebody else's

when he say "i love u" but he told u to keep it on the hush
then u'll found out that he's actually embarrassed of having someone like u by his side

when ur love is locked deep inside ur heart,
u'll find that someone who's willing to open it back

then it will break into pieces...


footnote: don't expect much out of love...just grab whatever u can and when it's time to run, run away as fast as u can and never ever look back.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


i can't even explain how this 'ngoyehhh~!!!' expression looks like or how it is done hehe :D

but anyway it maybe somethg like this: u are very very tired but in d same time u're satisfied or maybe happy bout somethg...idk, i'm not really happy staying in blok 2 mawar though :( i'm in shah alam...again, n i'm glad :D
everythg has fallen into places, no more worries..but only for money $$$
i tried to apply for PTPTN loan but the website was having too much problem which makes us even more crazier than ever...super duper suckssss

putting that aside, i hate my room in mawar...
i got a double room (which means there is only 2 person per room) in a very quiet n sometimes creepy level because it is still half empty, and my room is at d empty side of the level...
to make it more miserable, the kolej fee for this room is a whooping rm420, double the price from the rooms that has 4beds..i don't even ask for a double room, n it's burning a big hole in my dry depressing :((

so, to ease my misery, i've decorated my room and organize everythg quite systematically...
n hopefully this current nice condition of my room will last till d end of the semester :D

another thing that makes my life here a lot more meaningful and happy, my honeybunny busuk got the lecturer job in, i'm dating a lecturer for God's sake..omaigosh hahhaha XD
but we cannot be seen together like a couple around sect.17 campus tho..
adib says: "it will look unethical for a lecturer to date a student...cover up line sudehh~..." :|
whatever, i'm just happy that u will be around, my dear :D

my room mate, khairunissa, a computer eccentric student from PJ...she's nice and still in d process of getting to know her...we got the whole semester babe,sure we will be just fine :D

what else ah to say??.ouh yeah, we the ex-asasians got an exemption from MDS (minggu destini siswa a.k.a orentasi), so another good news!.. XD

although i don't have much money now, but i'm glad that everythg goes well...i'm learning to economize, stop myself from shopping excessively, have simpler meals (in which i'm trying to lose weight rite now) and so on.....and i'm happy that i actually can do this economizing-life thingy :D

another thing before i close this post, i'm on a diet!..finally~ :|
to be more specific, i'm in the Kellogg's Special K - 2 Weeks Challenge diet...and this special K thingy is not that bad at all, it's delicious!.. :D

footnote: try to love ur life as it is and everything will be just fine... :)