Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh yes, macaroons~!.

shaite, I forgot to include this one in the previous post.
I got myself my first macaroons too!!. XD
eventho it's RM3.90 per piece O______o but I don't care, I wanna taste it.
feels like heaven. XD
raspberry blast and chocolate macaroons.

kesian kan??.jakun tgk macaroons ;D
i wanna make them myself but I know it isn't easy to make.
btw,sure gonna get some more in the future.
this stuff is just too good!. XD


shopping @ The Curve

hahah I think last 2 days was the first time I entered The Curve.
(kalau aku ada keta,dah lama pegi)
btw,it's a very nice n cool place to hang out.and shop.
so yeah, I was on an accessories-hunting that day.
I bought......

oh before that, I bought this pair of shades the other day when shopping at Chow Kit.
the other one (which is in black) is exactly like Pitbull's in Bon Bon MV.
but I think I liked this one better,that's why I chose youu~ ;D

oh yes, these are the things I bought at The Curve street shops.

these are my new babies ;D

btw, I saw a stall selling strawberries too.RM4 for a packet of quite a lot of strawberries.
but sadly, I didn't picked it up. idk why O______o
now I'm in a crave for strawberries.

btw,thanks to @IzRijap for tagging me along to IKEA and The Curve along with @EzatyRadzi and @AlemJamil.
it was fun. ;)


Monday, May 23, 2011

me new hot pink lippie

my mom gave me her pink lippie.
it looks close to red,and I like it.
thanks mom.!


Saturday, May 21, 2011


hahah had one before.
but since I can't even remember which email I used for it, and since both of my Yahoo!. emails had been compromised (I think??.well,since I can't access both of them), so I've decided to sign up for a brand new account!.-using my gmail email. ;D

so this is how it looks like;

me with a goofy face. ;D

and yes of course~ it's in the boring-me-pink.
wanna add some yellow to it (i knoww,just like this blog AND my twitter) but since I haven't figured out howw..........so.....maybe later. ;D
but I love the theme's font, though.

until now, I've only followed the 'popular' people, and that includes fashion, beauty, food, travel, designs, humor, news and some more.

I hope by tumblr-ing, Facebooking and Tweeting, I can kill my 4 months in just a blink of an eye.rawrr~ ;D


pretty woman

here we are (I mean with @ejaibrahim) lying down in front of the TV and watching Pretty Woman at TV2.this is sooo our kind of movie.
sighing along the way.hehu~ ;O

this is a very good movie.
and I think there's a Bollywood movie that had adapted this movie and remade it as their own.
I remember Preity Zinta was the heroin.

and in this one, it's Julia Roberts,yaww~
she's smokin' hot.love her hair color.

anyways,it was a great movie,though.
it's about Vivian (Julia Roberts), a hooker who got herself lucky in accepting a very appealing request from a hot, rich businessman (Richard Gere) who wants her to accompany him for a week with USD3k to cover her charge.
and yes, as usual, the girl is charming and pretty and nice who got the chance to waste a week in splendour - shopping and doing all rich people's stuff.
and thenn, they fall in love with each other. and of course, the movie ended with a very, very romantic + cute scene. a typical happy ending. ;D
all I can say is that what they had was random and cute at the same time.

and imagine.
if you're just a normal girl who is been asked to accompany (hopefully no sex involved) a rich guy who is just so lonely and need a girl who would spend her freakin' time to talk, hv jokes, eat dinner, go shopping, go on a vacation, yada yada yadaa~ and all you hv to do is just,you know, watch money falls on your lap.
now that's when you can call yourself ONE (VERY100x) LUCKY GIRL.

from this...

to this.
(now here's why I love Julia Roberts: she can act just about any character!)

and another thing that I like bout this movie is that it shows how every human in this world are all the same. there's no difference between us. no matter how you look like, no matter how you dressed, no matter where you come from. everybody have their pride, and don't ever think that by having money and power, you can consider yours worth more than anybody else.

toodles. ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

plain sexy t-shirts

yeapp...I love 'em.
and I know a friend who has been loving them since forever.
muh babe, Syaza Adela. ;D
(haha.baru skarang aku tau kenapa ko obses sgt ngn tshirt camni)

coz I don't really think front-printed tshirts work for me.
only if the tshirt is full of prints, yeah, I might like it. ;D

okay, the thing is.....
I got LOTS of 'em. #likeseriously.
I think I already have a lot, but I keep on adding to the collection.
before I went to JB for the past few weeks, I found my new love at Sunway Pyramid's Forever21 boutique.
I found my new baby, a simple yet sexy yellow V-neck t-shirt.
and then in another outing with @nadhirahpenguin, I found the exact same one in FOS, in a full range of colors!!!..
they got pale pink, hot pink, purple, blue, green, red, bla bla blaa~
so yeah, I bought the purple one. (plus a gorgeous, cashmere red jacket which I think is a designer's but then it's wayy cheap - with an additional 50% discount to it!!.so I got it for RM17.30)
;O ;O ;O ;O ;O !!!!!
now that's what I call smart bargain shopping!!. ;O

and now I just got back from another shopping therapy with my mom at Jusco Bukit Indah, JB.
I brought her to Daiso (which she never got herself into before) and she stayed there for nearly 2hours.
while I was in FOS scavenging for bundle plain tshirts ;D
there's A LOT of sales tables with signs "3 for RM23", "3 for RM11", "3 for RM16", "half price" !!! ;O
oh gosh, I'm in heaven.
and and andd~ I found a stack of gorgeous, tight, black mini skirts on the "3 for RM16" table..!.
and yet I found it when the store is about to close.and there's only size S..total bummer!!!. T___________T
watafakkk~why is all these dugaan fell on me~!!??? ;O

and to conclude the story, I bought like 5 new pieces of plain tshirts.
I got long-sleeved pale yellow, orange, grey, cobalt blue, and a sheer beige top.
and I might buy some more tomorrow before heading back to KL.
O______o ita...cukup lah cukupp~. ;O

and now~
my new target would be - COMIC-PRINTED T-SHIRT.
and yeah, I'm a happy shopper.


Monday, May 16, 2011


the wishlist starts with...

1. red lipstick (goshh bila nak beli nihh~!??) ;O
2. nude-color dress (bandage dress would be nice)
3. Xlim Tummy thingy.
4. a nice BB Cream.
5. waterproof liquid eyeliner.
6. a new pair of jeans (Levi's preferably)
7. more and more sexy tshirts. ;D
8. black mini skirt.
9. headphones.
10. mini speakers with clips.
11. mirror iPhone screen protector.
12. blusher.
13. new lipbalm.
14. Playboy Play It Sexy perfume+spray deo.
15. a small, sling bag.
16. new shoes.
17. iPod shuffle.
18. new nail polish shades.
19. accessories (owl necklace,daily-wear earrings)
20. hair colorant - blonde.
21. cardigan.
22. a pair of cool shades.
23. cotton-on bra.
24. electronic hot hair-curling iron
25. big makeup brush.
26. a couple of new shades of eyeshadow @ elianto.
27. blemish concealer.
28. driving licence.
29. motorcycle (Honda Wave or Shogun or somethg)
30. Rimmel's mascara.
31. tailored vintage dress.
32. kurta or whatever shit they call 'em.
33. a diamond ring.
34. a cool front-zipped sweater.
35. a hot,nice boyfriend.
36. good,high-quality natural false lashes
37. LBD.
38. a nice blue contact lenses.
39. printer.
40. a huge-ass, wooden closet.
41. iPad maybe??. ;D
42. a big, yellow tote bag.
43. a bowling ball.
45. soy milk maker.
46. more bling bling covers for me iPhone.
47. iPhone 4 ;D
48. going for manicure,pedicure and spa.
49. karaoke set.
50. a nice haircut.

that's all for now.

where's the wishing star when you need one??. :/



there are lots of stuff that I've been thinking lately.
the thing is that I'M FREAKIN' ANNOYED.
I don't even know what's my 'function' being here.

just please, don't involve me in any arguments or drama during the holidays that I have to spend there for freakin' 4 months.
or better still, everybody should just shut up and let me live my life the way I want it to be.
I don't even like it if someone would bring up those stuff to me.
What's it to you??.
what you see is what you get. no need for questions and small talk.

families are supposed to be how we all know how they suppose to be.
but I just can't feel it, I'm sorry.
stop pointing fingers and condemning each other just to make you look smart, mature, responsible, and whatever shit ya'll think ya'll wanna be.
maturity is NOT based on age all along.
you know that and stop being egoistic.
keep on telling that to yourself every night but heyy, that's just NO YOU.

plus, I'm used to being alone.
I'll just step out if I'm on your way.
seems like he's more important than any other thing in the world.
he's the one who gave you your happiness and you did looked for it.
now you've found it, I'm happy for you.


FE and such

FE stands for Field Experience.
yeapp, that's a new course right there.
it's a prerequisite course for PELT and it has to be completed for Part 4.
and and andd we have to pass PELT to at least make this course not go to waste.

My school placement is at SAINSKU (SM Sains Kuching).
it's a 2-week thingy and we'll have a mentor there.
we gonna hv to assess and all.

so yeah, this is my plan for FE.
1. buy lots of tudung. mm-hmm #likeseriously
2. call the school to get a freakin' place to stay.
3. get tickets or whatsoever.
4. pack at least 12 pairs of baju kurung.
5. confirm the dates with Sheril for 'the after-party' ;D

and yess, I still can't change the school I've been placed to.
since 'we are adult enough to handle this situation and deal with whatever problems we might encounter in completing this course and the fact that we should just quit the damn course if we want to complain bout stuff and think that this thing is such of a mission:impossible', so yess, we must do it eventho it'll cost our freakin' pocket-money.

oh,bout #1 in my plan-for-FE list.
the thing is that my hair is colored (which I'm intending to brighten it up some more during the holidays).
plus, it's an SM Sains. so, I guess the school could be a bit pious.
and~ even if I would wear tudung during FE, nobody knows me there. (I hope)
so yeah, tudung it is.
this is me with tudung. sometimes I do think I look nicer wearing it. ;D
(just, don't mind the printscreen. suddenly I don't know how to save the image from FB)

btw, I've bought 6 pieces of flowery tudung.hahah quite a lot kann?
it's like, rm2 each, so what the heck. ;)

wish me luck with FE.
mana tahu kalau ada cikgu hensem. ;D



here I am.
splurging on cotton candy, watching Tom & Jerry, practically looking just like a patient in a hospital.
life's been...relaxed and boring~ ;O

and for the record, I have to go back to Shah Alam earlier than I've planned.
it's gonna be 5 days in Selangor before I head back to Borneo for the long holidays.
somehow, I'm envious of my friends who got d chance to stay at SA and work.
I did plan for it but I can't stay. ;(

so yeah, what am I gonna do?
just subscribed to Celcom Prepaid Broadband.
it's RM18 for 7 days.
fair enough until I can ask my dad to get me the postpaid plan.

and yes, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME that I can lose weight during the holidays.
Oh God, give me strength to resist temptations, pour me in with motivation to do more physical activities, remind me of the goodness of health.
I'm overweight for crying out loud. T______T

apart from that, I am thankful that at least my life would be better with the Internet.
and hopefully I'll escape the never-ending drama during my holidays at Sarawak.
need to plan things carefully and get lots of money along the way.
I love money. ;D


Saturday, May 7, 2011


ok, I'm having a slight migraine.
added with the never-forgiving heat in Malaysia, yeah, it's getting worse.
bought rm5 pisang goreng, a tuna spread snacky pack, green tea, n panadol.

and for the record, I slept at 3.30am last night and woke up at 2.30 in the afternoon.
and that was the aftermath of not sleeping for almost 40hours (I haven't slept since I woke up at 1 for Literature's final exam which was on the 5th of May)

and yeah, that explains this migraine and aches all over my body.
obviously I can't lie down because this migraine will get worse if I do.
plus, home is like an oven. it's too toasty in there.
thus, that takes me to where I am right now - INTEC's 24hour room (which is not really 24hour because all students must leave before 12) duhh~ what's the point!??. ;O

tomorrow will be the final paper for Sociology in Education.
haven't started studying and I should actually.
don't wanna regret it if I'll have not enough time to read everything.


Sean Faris

watched 'Never Back Down' last night.
that explains why I slept at 3.

Friday, May 6, 2011

what the hell~ is this?? ;O

I'm not a person who's judgmental. (well, sometimes I did)
ok, whatever.

but, seriously.
judgmental tak judgmental,
benda ni buat aku ter'mental' sangat.

24:7 !??
Gula Gula!??

anda rasa anda sweet.
anda rasa anda comel.
anda rasa anda-anda cool.

I do watch and listen to Kpop.
I think they're awesome.
but hey - 24:7 & Gula Gula, here's a newsflash for you guys.
they're cool and ya'lls are just plain POSERS.
who's idea is this!?.
what's next?.Justin Bieber Malaysia plak??
lebih baik mencegah daripada merawat.

I don't want to write much bout this.
just let the pictures do all the talking.

cukup la tengok gambar.
kalau tgk video clip, aku rasa nak bunuh diri.


some more bout mwah

continuation of vainness.

#51. I love watching Disney Classics soo much. which includes Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, all those shit.
#52. I can sing 'Because You Loved Me' by Celine Dion surprisingly very well. (just drop a comment if you don't agree to this statement)
#53. I love listening to Eja's kind of music.
#54. I love Backstreet Boys and any boy band in the same era.
#55. I got crazy housemates.
#56. I don't do psychotic movies.
#57. I used to love Spice Girls so much when I was a little girl.
#58. I love to get down.
#59. I am against animal cruelty.
#60. I love listening to political issues. I don't know why.
#61. I dream of witnessing auroras and the most beautiful sunset on Earth.
#62. I am easily fascinated.
#64. I'm a Dreamer. Seldom the Doer.
#65. I'm a big spender.
#66. #iwasthekid who had tonnes of gowns and wore them out a lot.
#67. I love animal prints. not the real one, of course. O___o
#68. I list down all I can think of about myself when I'm bored. It's called justifying myself.
#69. I love Chris Brown.
#70. I love to sleep in a fetal position when I was a kid.
#71. I found my first cat when I was 7 while we were busy playing guli outside.
#72. I do watch football a bit.
#73. I love going out late at night to go melepak.
#74. I love all of the traditional food you can think of - tempoyak, cencalu, belacan, budu, umai, etc.. I do 'em all.
#75. I love fishing.
#76. I know how to paddle very well. I do canoeing a lot.
#77. I have strong arms. (erkk~!) ;O
#78. I hate policemen.
#79. I love going to places like IKEA or furniture boutiques. I enjoy those kind of window shopping.
#80. I'm very fussy in choosing teddy bears. I look for the handsome ones only.
#81. I usually choose jerks for boyfriend.
#82. I have a frog with pink polka-dotty pants that crunches the curtains for me.
#83. I love being busy.
#84. I have good social skills.
#85. I can sleep with the lights on and in noisy surroundings. thus, I'm not a fussy roomate.
#86. I used to think that fish never sleeps.
#87. Once I got into an accident where I pressed on the speed of a motorcycle till it reached 120km/h and hit a bumper with the foot brake down right on the bumper and then I flew approx 300metres forward together with the bike and we spun 5 times on the road. I was..okay.
#88. I don't like Rihanna that much anymore.
#89. I love high-waisted skirt or pants.
#90. I love flowy blouse.
#91. I love purple and green colored contact lenses.
#92. I prefer beef rather than chicken.
#93. I'll opt for less iced drinks. always.
#94. When going to McD, I often order Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Double Cheese Burger. oh yeah, I love burgers with cheese.
#95. I love merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels.
#96. I wish I could go to a circus one day. the typical, classic circus.
#97. My fave accessory - earrings.
#98. I look best in straight-cut jeans or pants.
#99. I love push-up bras.
#100. I hate running.

so yeah.
that's all for tonight.

reading between the lines

later in the afternoon, we had our TSL430 (i think??) paper - Literature in Malaysian Schools (as we like to call it as LiMS).
it was quite...tough to handle.
but I think I did well.
I hope the marks would turn up to be well too.
please please pleasee~

I need 'em marks.
I've lost so much already.
I can't afford to repeat any paper for next semester.

talking bout next semester, we're gonna have this Field Experience thingy.
and it is supposed to be carried out on the 4th of July, which is within our upcoming long holiday.
it's a new pre-practicum course, hoping that it would benefit us for our real practicum on the 7th semester.
it'll take 2 weeks of my holiday which requires me to travel across Borneo for crying out loud!!
tickets will cost me around rm250 plus accommodation and shit.
okay.I'm trying not to even think of it right now coz it'll make me go emomo~ ;O

oh yeah,wanna talk bout the exciting stuff.
apparently, after each final paper, I'll be going out meronggeng somewhere.
with friends - @nadhirahpenguin @miejahron, noreen, wan, @haziqridzuanhr and a bunch more.
and I think it's good.
it's a distressing, kind-of healthy way to have fun.hahaha.


and now I actually feel very sleepy.
tomorrow is laundry day.
I'll love laundry day if I don't have stubborn stains to deal with.

I wish I have this kind of laundry room. Doing laundry could be fun.

oh yes. I almost forgot bout something.
"reading between the lines" ???
it's regarding the Lit paper we had earlier today.
too much deep thinking makes you go crazy.
that's all actually.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

this is ME

kalau korang tak tau lagi,
these are some of the facts about me.
(WARNING: i'm being vain) so don't mind me.

#1. I am 5foot 11inches.
#2. I have a mole on my left eyeball.
#3. I have a scar on my left eyebrow. that's why eyebrow aku nampak pelik. jgn ckp aku salah cabut sudah.
#4. I am extremely stubborn - once upon a time, my mom locked me up in the back boot of a car because I didn't want to go to school.
#5. I am a shopaholic. like, duhh~ ;O
#6. I'm a loner, somehow.
#7. Aku manja nak mampus.
#8. I love travelling by public transportation.
#9. I don't mind walking.
#10. I love pink and yellow.
#11. I'm a procrastinator. a BIG one.
#12. I'm friendly and approachable.
#14. I'm Ita The Vulgar.
#15. I love to sit by the lake or beach.
#16. I don't like reading.
#17. I love Spongebob.
#18. I have two horoscopes - Sagittarius or Scorpio. I'm not sure which one I am.
#19. I'm too nice sometimes. that's bad.
#20. I am adventurous.
#21. I am outgoing.
#22. I don't mind going anywhere alone.
#23. I can go crazy for a guy who wears NIKE's green+black bottle deo. (Game Spirit ke ape ntah nama dia)
#24. I snort a bit when I laugh.
#25. I don't know how to live in a 'herd'. easier said, I don't do cliques.
#26. I love dark chocolate the most.
#27. I love roses.
#28. I can't even look at pictures of snakes.
#29. I can do henna drawings.
#30. I love doing things that need attention to details. e.g: cross stitch.
#31. I'm cheezy in relationships.
#32. I have every kind of PMS that you can think of.
#33. I can play pool.
#34. I love motorcycles. (but not mat rempit)
#35. I can cook very well.
#36. I love going to pasar ikan or any kind of pasar - veges and fishes fascinate me.
#37. I love diamond rings.
#38. I can recover from sadness quite well and fast.
#40. My shoe size is 11 1/2.
#41. I have to rebond my hair at least once a year.
#42. I love to keep receipts.
#43. I can't live without eyeliner.
#44. I have a bantal busuk - changed for everytime I lost mine since I was a baby.
#45. I don't know how to react to compliments.
#46. I love qwerty pad phones.
#47. I read Shakespeare.
#48. I can be a fierce mother.
#49. I hate litterbugs. I got issues with people like that.
#50. I play sports like fencing and netball.

I think that's all for now.
going for dinner with @ejaibrahim.


malam tadi tengok THOR

malam tadi tengok THOR.
THOR best.
THOR awesome.
THOR hot nak mampus.
THOR sedih.
THOR lawak sedikit.
THOR ................ (etc.)

malam tadi tengok THOR.
tengok dengan @nadhirahpenguin, @juniorsysco, @etonggg.

malam tadi tengok THOR.
aku pakai skirt+shorts+tshirt hitam.
padan muka engkau, sejuk.

malam tadi tengok THOR.
sakit hati ngan sound system that will make you go "HEY, I want my money back!!"
since we paid for like, MYR14 for a ticket. T_________T

malam tadi tengok THOR.
I fell in LOVE. I HEART Chris Hemsworth.
his body makes me go ah ah ahhh~ ;O

malam tadi tengok THOR.
bak kata @nadhirahpenguin, eating gummy bears/worms before the movies makes you go hyper. we did. YES, WE DID.

malam tadi tengok THOR.
semua org dalam cinema dah terkena zina mata sebab tgk Chris Hemsworth yg bapaaakkk sexy and hot.

malam tadi tengok THOR.
all i can say is that...
it was beyond my expectations. and it was surprisingly a great movie to watch.
go go, watch it now!!.

malam tadi tengok THOR.
so, esok lusa nak tengok Pantas & Garang 2 pulak (Fast&Furious2 dlm Bahasa Omputeh nya)


please tell me it's PINK

changed the background colour, again.
and please tell me that it's pink.
I've been having problems identifying colours nowadays.
tsk tskk~ T________T

whatever it is,
i'm just hoping that it looks better than the previous red background.
or does it look better with the previous red??
kalau tanya @IzRijap, mesti dia cakap hijau.
salah orang, salah orang.

the reason why baru sekarang nak revamp this blog is because later I'm going to have a longg~ holiday.
I can already see the future.
me, having 4 months holiday and most probably jobless.
so..am gonna activate my broadband with prepaid plan or something.
just to fill up my time - blogging (with new template which will make me go sexcited), downloading stuff, skyping, tweeting, FB...
my God, sumpah boring hidup aku nanti.
but am gonna make a deal with my dad..
at least once a month trip to Kota Kinabalu to shop and movies and jalan-jalan.
@IzRijap, am gonna call you whenever then we'll go jalan2 coz I don't really remember jalan di KK. hahaha~

and now am at INTEC library to study for tomorrow's final exam paper - Literature in Malaysian Schools.
suddenly I got a brilliant idea.
am gonna sell my literature notes to my cousins who are still studying those literature syllabus we've been analyzing for just one semester.
I have with me a complete set of literature notes covering Form 1-5 syllabus.
which is produced by a batch of TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam, meaning that our notes are most probably clearer and well-analyzed since it was made through thorough discussions with lecturers.
so yeah, any interested customers??
hahaha kejam kejam~

oh yes.perhaps am gonna spend my precious time by giving tuitions for those kanak-kanak at my kampung.
best gak..siang kerja, then malam2 buat English tuition.
at least I'll be coming back for the 3rd semester with otak yang tak berkarat.

gonna blog bout something else later.
facebook time. ;O

Monday, May 2, 2011

trying to study through blogging.

okay this is quite lame but i think this is one way of forcing myself to study.
i can't help to blog or tweet so yeah, let's just combine studying and online session,shall we?.

today's lesson is going to cover on chapter 3 (PELT).
let's start with Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)

Theories behind CLT:
1. social, cultural and pragmatic features of language.
2. real-life communication in the classroom.
3. linguistic fluency rather than accuracy.
4. equipping unrehearsed lang. performance.
5. lifelong language learning.
6. cooperative learning.

6 characteristics of CLT
1. focus on all components of communicative competence (grammatical, dscourse, functional, sociolinguistic & strategic) - must be parallel with the pragmatic function of the language.

2. language techniques are designed to engage learners in the pragmatic, functional use of language for meaningful purposes.

3. fluency and accuracy are complementary principles. fluency is more important than accuracy.

4. language is used productively and receptively, in unrehearsed contexts outside the classroom.

5. focus on the students' own learning processes thru an understandigng of their own styles of learning and thru the development of appropriate strategies for autonomous learning.

6. teacher's role = facilitator and guide. students construct meaning thru linguistic interaction with others.

am gonna stop here, i guess.
i usually write the notes down on paper over and over again till i got several copies of the same note.
but then i realized that hand writing works better than typing.
but then we should use less paper for the betterment of mother nature.


new look!

whoaa just spent quite some time to revamp my blog.
now i think it looks better than before.
xtau la korg fikir camne pulak kann...

btw i just noticed that i actually love the colour yellow!.
gosh boleh plak selama ni x sedar hakikat tu.
so yeah, i think yellow n pink look good together.
just like the little spongebob pouch on my pink sling-bag.

btw tomorrow is PELT's final exam paper.
gosh i practically haven't started on the crucial chapters.
but there are too many distractions and i'm procrastinating like hell!!. (as usual)
so i better start studying.


p/s: I LOVE MY BLOG. retweet if u do too. XD