Monday, January 28, 2013

balik kampung

currently at Miri Airport..flight is rescheduled, AGAIN, to 2.30pm..that is suppose to be my ETA in Lawas. T_T

but anyway, I guess it's for the passenger's safety too..
I heard the weather is not doing so well around the northern area so there's a flight that got delayed this morning,affected the other flights that comes after it.

so, I guess just to kill the time, it might be a good idea for me to write a little.
I have in mind a topic to talk about but it is totally irrelevant to the title I just put up, so let's just talk about balik kampung ;)

balik kampung might be the happiest journey for everybody..
it means going back to your hometown, where your family or maybe your grandparents are.
as for me, my kampung would be the small town of Lawas, at the very northern of Sarawak.
my late grandparents' home is at the border of Sabah and Sarawak, which means we go to Sabah quite often.
I love my kampung because the air is fresh, the people are nice, friendly and familiar, the scenery is just to die for, and most of all, it's where the heart really is.
My big family is there.

I grew up with my cousins..we're very close and sometimes we feel like we're all like siblings..they are the people that I can trust and they are always there for me. Might be the best of friends one could ever have.

so..I guess I got to go now. I have to get on board.
Wishing me a safe journey.

Itato, xoxo.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

semester 5 going on semester 6's the holidays again.
2 months holiday shouldn't be wasted so I've decided to drag my ass and my 20kg luggage around from Shah Alam (by bus) to Johor Bahru, (by car) moving to Muar, (by car at 4.30am) to Johor Bahru to catch my 8am flight, (by plane) to Kuching, (by bus) to Miri, and (by plane) to Lawas. We might be going to Sabah somewhere in February as a family.

So, yes. My life for the past one month revolves around buying tickets and checking in and packing stuff. The part where we move to Muar kinda made me tired because I have to help my mom load stuff into the big truck and unload them and then rearranging furnitures in the new home.
As the matter of fact, my mom decided to move to Muar because her husband is giving her the terrace house, located in Tanjung Gading. It's a nice neighbourhood, called Taman Sri Saujana. I might love that place a little bit more even though I'm pretty sad to leave JB. I love JB ;(

But, the 5 days I spent in Kuching was worth it. I had a superb time, and I can finally meet my pretty, beloved niece, Aliya Maisarah. Missed her so much, I haven't seen her since she was 1-month old. Now, she's already 1 year and 1 month old, so yeah, she a big pretty girl with googly eyes. She seemed happy to see me, maybe she remembers me somewhere in her 1 year old memory. :))

That's Aliya at Damai beach in Kuching. I specifically asked for my sister to take me to a beach once I reached Kuching. I've been longing to dip my feet into the sea, and it's great feeling. Can't find that kind of satisfaction anywhere near Shah Alam or KL.

The bus trip I took from Kuching to Miri took up 14 hours. It's a very long journey but the bus is totally dope!.The best bus ever. Each seat is provided with a 10-inch TV, power plug, pillows, blankets, headphones for the TV, food, etc. There's also a stewardess if you need any help. It was a comfortable 14-hr journey and yeah, it's the experience that I'm after.

So, now I'm in Miri. Arrived at Intan's place at around 10.30am and the three of us (Intan, Azizul and I) went out to have fun. It's been a while since the last time I spent my time with these two precious friends of mine. One of the good part of my trip to Miri is that...I got myself a new 32GB iPod..weee~!!. Azizul bought it some time ago and he decided to just give it to me since he never used it anyway.

so I'm in Miri waiting for my flight back to Lawas on Monday noon. Can't wait to see Abg Awal when I get back. I miss my kampung friends too.
I think since I will not be getting internet connections that much in Lawas, I got myself a new journal book. I bought it for only 15 bucks and it's the black glitter book from Typo. great bargain, I tell ya.

I feel the need to write down my life adventures somewhere. Hopefully I can write better over time. I don't want to forget the things that I've done and been through, since my life now is in full-blast mode. Hey, I'm 21 and it's my prime year. Wanna LIVE while I'm young.


until then. see you in the next adventure.
Itato, xoxo.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

no single F should be given anymore

seperti orang tak betul
aku berlari-lari ke arah gelap itu.
menantikan sesuatu datang menampar pipiku
lalu membawa ku pergi.

sedang aku berlari, aku semakin hampa
hampa tanpa keringat, siksa.
kaki terseret, tapak terluka
meninggalkan jejak yang hiba.

makin aku paksa, semakin aku tidak berdaya
paksaan ini tiada hujungnya.
semua kerana kau
kau yang sentiasa mendusta
akibatnya aku juga yang derita.

ada baiknya ku simpan saja
biarkan debu memakan usia.
kerna semuanya akan ok sahaja
jika aku lontarkan peduli ke semak
jika aku katakan "I don't give a F*."

Ita (2012)
on Twitter.