Wednesday, September 8, 2010

travel of the year

okay...on d last post i said that i'm going to take the bus from S.A to J.B...
instead, my mom called me early in the morning, asking whether I've packed or not and she's planning to go down to S.A on that very day to pick me up
hurmmm~...there it goes, rm38 bus ticket :|

so...when my mom came, i brought her to PAS to go and look for another baju raya for me (i already bought a turquoise-colored modern baju kurung but i want another one, just a simple baju kurung will do)
but i didn't found one bcoz it is too hard for me to find the one that the sleeves can actually reach my, we spent the money on serunding, tudung, and food... :D

i reached JB on Saturday, and the next day was shopping day...spent most of the day looking for my baju kurung...and then at last, i found's kinda gorgeous - it's leopard-printed, black and white, chiffon, just my size, simple and it's cheap!.love it so much :D

and my mom also bought me a brand new phone - CSL Blueberry-a 9500 (and it's red!)
really love it...thanx mom!. :DD

i bought so much stuff, i can't recall...
still waiting for PTPTN to bank in the money (hurry!)
huhh~...some more stuff to go on my shopping list

today is Tuesday and i just reached home in Sarawak...
tomorrow will be a long, long day as we will go to Lawas by car :O
i got the government warrant ticket (claimed by my mom) and will be able to get 2 free tickets each year (two-way) till i reach 21 :D
my mom got me an air asia flight...with this ticket, i was given 20kg free cargo-luggage (i NEVER travel lightly), express boarding, free meals and most important is - the ticket itself was totally free!..i really do love free stuff.. :)
on board, i broke my fast at least 4000 feet above somewhere in the middle of the South China's really great, they gave me nasi briyani bukhara(?), kit-kat, Spritzer, fresh orange juice and crackers..yummy~! :D

have fun, people! lots!. :D

p/s: so far, so good...just don't mess up no more :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

hari raya

the EID is exactly 1 week away...YEAYAHOO~!!!
i'm happy just because i'm going to celebrate the eid at my beloved kampung - without those people who are worthless to talk about

so...i've bought a baju kurung moden for myself - in my new fave colour TURQUOISE
okay, quite happy bout's not really the one i'm looking for but it is good enough, so.......hurmm

i'm in my room @ kolej mawar, ALONE :'(
quite sad bout my condition right now but what to do...
it's my fault that i bought the ticket back to JB dated on the 5th..
my mom had reminded me to buy the one on the 4th but, idk what i was thinking at that moment...
oh yes, i thought that my PTPTIPU money would be in before raya, so i thought that if i spend more time here, i could at least spend it on stuff to bring back home for, the only reason that is making me miserable right now is the fact that the money is not here yet...
thus, as they money, no talk :| haha, yeah right

during break fast, i went out with my beloved Joe busuk...we went out to eat together as for today might be the last day we could go out and buka puasa together, then it's gonna be two weeks to go for our next meeting...
two weeks are quite long enough for me to get cranky and a bit insecure till Joe can hear me whine at least everyday :D i love whining

so, it's gonna be tomorrow (plan: emptiness), and then a long and lonely Sunday (bus at 5pm) and expecting to arrive at JB at night, maybe around 10p.m...then it's gonna be an outing day, perhaps, on Monday with Nad in the morning and with Mom at night...then on Tuesday at 5pm would be my flight back to Miri, expecting to land on Borneo land 2hours and 30minutes later...on the next day, which is on the 8th, will be travelling again through Brunei and Limbang to reach Lawas, my kampung...till then, just hope that i would survive and be alive in the end of this loneliness of mine...

i hope i got good movies to watch...

oh yeah, tomorrow can be a bit of shopping-raya-day and laundry day...

and please please please, give me the chance to spend some time with Joe busuk on this Sunday before i get on the bus...aminnn~
i'm gonna miss u damn much, busuk :'(

p/s: be safe, be sure, don't contemplate anymore, try to have fun in complete loneliness :)