Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Le Idea of Vlogging

It's that time again.
I'm bored.
Again, I have just finished reading all of the blog posts I've ever posted.
I realized some of them are embarrassing so I took them down.
I sounded so...sad and a bit immature.
Which means being immature than I am now (I hope).
I'm not even sure which level of maturity I belong to.

One more thing I realized, though.
My ideas were all over the place.
I've made a few change of minds in building up this blog.
Once, I thought of turning it to be a bit more informative.
A few posts after that, it went back to become more and more personal.
Long story short, I don't think I know what I want.
And that worries me, a lot.

I've been having a lot of ideas lately.
Been thinking of starting a vlog for product reviews.
And Ita being Ita, when I say products I mean beauty products.
I think that's the only kind of product that I have in abundance.
I'm just a girly girl liddat. :)

So...this vlog should revolve around the stuff that I use everyday and whatever is in my beauty pouches and handbags.
That includes skincare, makeups and shit (not literally).
I'm currently sticking to one skincare product that is from Avon and I'm going to start on that first.
The rest will perhaps be a compilation of my own favorite makeup and also from friends who love makeup as well.

The vlog might also include some beauty tips and tricks.
Maybe if we ever get bored with makeup and being pretty with it, I will also include my personal thoughts and opinions about some things that matter.
I am easily fascinated, so maybe I'll do reviews on talks and lectures like the ones in TED, etc.
Basically, it'll be a vlog full of Ita's thoughts and opinions about basically anything or everything she encountered. :)

Wish me luck with this wonderful plan, though.
Sometimes I need the right push coz I'm often The Thinker, not The Doer.
It's just one of the many bad qualities I have.

Most importantly, wish me luck so that I will not suck balls at recording and editing the videos.
k bye.

toodles. :)