Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mohawk bun

mohawk bun everybody loves :)

it's so very simple.
I saw some likes on my Facebook album so this is how I do it.
(saw the tutorial on YouTube actually. credits to RachhLoves) <3

1. Section your hair horizontally into three sections. (just like how you do it when you want to have that half ponytail on the upper part of your hair and letting the lower part to just fall freely).

2. Twist each sections, starting from the upper part, and roll it like snail's shell (with the core of the twist still visible - so that the little buns created won't look too cone-ish or ball-ish).

3. Secure the ends of each twists with bobby pins.

4. Walk out and be proud. :D

I'm happy with it coz it's so simple and not time-consuming.
the best part about it is that when you untwist them down, you'll have triple levels of gorgeous, big curls!.
the after-effect is just as awesome as it is in the first place.

had some compliments when I walk around the faculty, too. :)

happy experimenting.