Friday, June 15, 2012

be a good lover

a good lover is defined as...

being loyal and truthful to your partner.

but being a simple human being
enough is never enough.
we overlooked.
we over-think.
we did not realize the true moment of appreciation.
and I'm never perfect.
I'm never the saint.
I'm not always right.
I make mistakes
so do everyone else
so do you.

as loving is never easy in this world of ours.
nothing is easy.

keeping my sanity

too many things happening at once.
sometimes I think I just couldn't handle it anymore.
so after a few burnouts and yelling out of nowhere,
I just decided to make a few bad decisions for the past few days.

when I needed to escape, I escaped.
these days, this particular end-of-semester,
is definitely testing my patience and inner strength.
I think the possibility of losing my mind is...
at the moment.
and during several moments just a few days ago.

thus I'm just waiting for all these to end.
thus I'm just gonna keep quiet if you're mad at me.
thus I'm just gonna wait for things to be okay.
thus I'm just NOT going to give up on anything
or anyone.

I'm taking this as a phase.
one of the many bitter phases in my life.
I'm simply troubled, I can't handle stress really well.
keep calm and carry on.