Tuesday, June 22, 2010


wow..........waa waa wee~

today, i went for a medical check up with my sis
and i've done d x-ray, pee check and stuff
then it came to d worse part...

getting on the evil weighing scale~...

during 3 months of holiday,i gained 5kgs
and actually during d one-year of asasi, i gained 10kgs
right before asasi, my weight was actually quite ideal for my body but i was still not satisfied with it...so now i realize what is actually the right body weight for me to look slimmer

okay, i think i'm already planning on something..
just hoping that during the degree, i got someone nice but 'aggressive' in making me lose weight..
ouh yeah, Sheril baby~ hahaha XD

wanna try Atkins too...maybe it will work on me

i need to lose 20kgs...
help me
please n tq (:

footnote: pathetic-much :|

Monday, June 21, 2010

my list of 'what-if..'s

what if...
i'll make every women feel beautiful n confident..

what if...
i'm a top CELEBRITY
i'll live my life as fabulous n glamorous as possible..

what if...
i'm a 5-star gourmet CHEF
i'll cook with a pinch of love in every dishes

what if...
i'm a school TEACHER
i'll spread the words of wisdom to young minds

what if...
i'll soothe the world with my music to dim all anger in the world

footnote: ambitions..

Sunday, June 20, 2010


ohmaigod...more good news after another :D
my cousin, NOR AZIMAH is going to UiTM Shah Alam too!!!..awhh awhhhh!!!
but she's going to be at Puncak Perdana, though...
but what d hell, not that far anyway... (not really :D)


anyways...there are tonnes of stuff to do, to fill in, and to buy!..
hopefully this time i won't forget what to buy and what's in my i-phone shopping list (like i always do lately,idk why...huhh very forgetful *btw i'm not THAT old to forget things easily....hurmm*)
so i better write 'em down in here so that everytime i go online, i'll remember *hopefully* :|

my SHOPPING LIST....brace urself! :
1. towel (big one and a small one)
2. toothbrush!. (seriously, the previous one was like junk)
3. OXY white cleansing foam (left mine at kuching..what a waste T_T)
4. try to get a new battery for ur lappy, godammit!. (optional, depending on budget)
5. a new bag, perhaps (like seriously, my previous bag for classes was like an antique, a pitiful one T_T)
6. more clothes for class....??? (hurmm to be considered, hoarder-much) :|
7. hairclips or hairstuff if that's what u want to call it :|
8. documents organizer (find d one with tonnes of pockets and divided sections)
9. stationaries case (again, d previous one was like *unmentionable*) :|
10. stationaries :D
11. mug, plate, spoon, fork & stuff
12. alarm clock (awh mann...even that won't wake me up) :|
13. mattress cover (optional)
14. new shoes, perhaps
15. a calendar, big one
16. posters of any hot guys (if there's any)
17. July issue of Seventeen :D
18. cellophane tapes
19. shower cap
20. any other worth included..

i think i can't really think of everything right now so i think it would be nice to stop at num. 20 :D

so..........let the shopping begin!..
ouh yeah...remember to get myself a med check-up...there's this sect in the form on body weight..omaigosh, i can't even look on 'em once i step on the scale...
maybe the figures shown later would be a nice slap-in-da-face (insert sound-effect) for me to get going on my biggest loser plans once i get my butt in shah alam.. :|

it's 4 in d morning now, n i just ate 4 humongous prawns (1 prawn for one hour after midnite)...well done, ita :|
i jumped off d bed without anything on my mind and just barged into the kitchen with a very involuntary action of getting a bowl and start heating up the prawns...it's not that good but the thought of it would go bad in d morning just made me feel like eating 'em..arghh!.. *soo not a good excuse to eat, but it is true :|*
i don't even know what i'm thinking, maybe i just can't sleep...and eventually ended up updating my blog even when i know that this would be a very good time to go to bed already

"mr. sleepy sandman, can u please pour a big bucket of sleeping sand into both of my eyes so that i can sleep away?.."
or maybe i just need some music to drive me to sleep??
oh no..it might turn out to be just like last night...i ended up singing along with it until i wasted almost 2 hours of my supposedly-bed-time...slept at 5.15 am, i guess.. :|
u don't even wanna know what was the time i woke up *sigh*

macam mana mau kurus ini macam???

good night, sweet dreams (:

footnote: uhh.....nothing :|

Friday, June 18, 2010

change me

i want to model...

but i don't have the guts
i'm not confident of myself...

i want to live life as it is...
and i want to change it a bit but i guess i never think of it that much

for now on, i would go and gather all the confidence and strength that i could grab with my two hands...or maybe some friends can come over to help me & be the extra pockets..

love is a lifetime treasure...love for yourself, only you can discover (just me, 2010)

girls' problem

well,when a group of girls get together or maybe a girl just simply stand in front of the mirror,i'm pretty much sure know what actually is on their minds...
then they start to gussy up, pinching out blackheads, stroking their hair, wondering how they can make their nose n lips look different...

we can never be satisfied with what we already have...because boredom and the feeling of having something different is human nature (mersita sheila, 2010) :D

one good example is hair color...do u notice that we Asians are crazy in getting a different hair color?.some of us want to be a brunette, blondie n me myself prefer to get my hair done in copper or auburn (ngee~ :D )
and let's observe on d people who are naturally gifted with these hair colors...they wanted a darker hair color,black is better!.(as they say...)

so here we can see that d theory is proven true, we can never be satisfied on what we have..we always want something new for ourselves,and manufacturers, inventors will drain their brains out thinking on how to satisfy our discontentment...bcoz only on beauty, they know that women are willing to spend most of their money just to look different (good profit,aite??.)

me myself is an example...i want to look different (but i think there is nothing wrong in my face so plastic surgery is outta my list)..i just want to make my face smoother, acne-free, blemish-free...as for my body; blemish-free, hot figure, and tut tutt (secret, oops..ngee~)

once a friend asked me, "how much do u spend on ur make-ups and beauty stuffs?."
then i took out d calculator, start to count on roughly the stuff in my makeup pouch n such...and the result; i think there are more than rm500 worth make-up,in just one pouch!. (i got several, actually.. :| )

not to mention all the clothes that i have in my bag n closet...fuhh, i admit it that i'm quite a hoarder but it is under control.. (for now..hurmm)
i can't help but to shop whenever i got d money...almost every month, i would go shopping at least once...and normally people will buy at least 1 outfit a month...but the stuff that i bought in a month is equivalent to 1 outfit per week (gulp!.)
thankfully now i'm starting to get a grip on myself and control my urge to shop...i always think that i already got so many and i don't need another one (but when it is too cute and look too good on me,i just can't help it)..i thought that maybe i don't have to spend my money on shoes,so that's why i got a major cluster in my closet..
i think another reason why i always think i need this and that is buying magazine every month..i read Seventeen since June 2008 until now..it's typical of a magazine to show the latest trends in market right now and that's what makes me say "ouh i want that, that's super cute!"..
then i'll spend the rest of the days just thinking about what i saw in the magazine and whenever i hit the mall,i'll find one just like that.. (ughh,i really need help :| )

insecurities drive people crazy...hell crazy!.
and the only way to solve this problem is to think on the real purpose in spending ur money and always think less is more..it'll keep u simple and beautiful and secure,inside out...

ouh yeah...think of this; 'i'm not that rich,so i better spend my money on something wayy better than this'...or
'i better work hard on my studies...then i'll get a good job, make big money every end of the month, then i can buy whatever i want'...it's good motivation,though...plus it's way better to spend the money that u earn urself rather than spending ur parent's bucks :D

footnote: money is always good.. $$$kaching2$$$


there are tonnes of stuffs that i want to buy...
and every morning when i wake up,i wish that someone kind or just a very good luck would give me a bunch of money and right then,i would spend it in just a day..

what would a girl like me spend the money for??.here are some:
1. new bag(s)
2. mobile phone
3. hopefully i'll find shoes in my size :|
4. tops, bottoms, accessories
5. get myself a slimming program package :D
6. go on a holiday
7. blah blah blahh~..(i get d feeling that d list would be never-ending)

let's see......in this 3months of holiday,i've bought some stuff
one of them that i am very glad n happy that i bought it is a short dress(which i think i saw selling online)
i think i want to wear it for my first date with adib busuk after 3months of no date..hehe

now money gets me really thinking...i got myself into the degree program in UiTM, n it's going to be in shah alam,i'm pretty sure
now would be a good time for me to think on getting a PTPTN loan (which kinda sucks bcoz i really need to have a job right after finishing my degree to pay 'em back)..ughhh T_T

but all i have to do is EXCEL...i heard that if u get really god results,u don't have to pay for d loan afterwards..yeayy!..but it is hard work,ya know.. T_T

but anyway,i can't wait to get myself back to selangor d.e...i get to meet friends,my busuk, SHOP :D, have fun and have my college life back (although it's not that fun but hey,at least i'll get something to do rather than just laying around alone at home and gain major weight by crunching on snacks n food all d time :| ) haha...
yes i gained weight,major weight...until getting into my jeans on feels like choking me T_T
i've started imagining plans on losing weight when i get back to shah alam...yes yes i know i planned on losing weight during d holidays (which d 3months holiday is already reaching the end), but it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight in the holiday environment...i was thinking,getting back to shah alam would at least get me moving here n there without much temptation to eat this and that (which can be applied on plans to control my budget) & i can plan my schedule easily with great,easy-to-get transportation in shah alam (so i can get to d tasik to jog n stuff) :D

and yeay!..i am happy and content...for now
ngee~ :D

footnote: i'll be missing miri,though...although there's nothing much here...i'll be better in shah alam, perhaps... :)

i'm coming back,honey!.


Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:



amat seronok...sebab:
1. dpt balik ke shah alam yg sudahpun daku sesuaikan diriku sendiri... (???hehe)
2. dpt continue balik what i've started
3. i get to be with my honey bunny!..ahh!!!
4. i've got some unfinished plans there...loads of 'em!. :D

maybe there are some more reasons why i am so excited bout this...i'm not really fond of d course but i've started to get d hang of it during d 1-year Asasi TESL program...and i'm starting to love it!.

there are so much to walk by on d memory lane...~
1. meeting such wonderful friends during asasi...[which some of 'em won't be returning back to tesl uitm :'( ]
2. having such great blasts with new people i've met
3. getting involved in so many great things...such as staging a musical WHOA! WILLOW!!
4. (as linked to no.3) i met d love of my heart, my darling adib busuk, whom i adore so much...d musical 'magic' has brought us together,syg...n i'm so very glad :))
5. all d great things n moments spent together with d people i love... :')

it's a relief, and it is such a great feeling i'm having now...
everything has fallen into places and hope everything goes well
it's a relief that i won't be too clueless bout the next,big stage of my life that's waiting ahead of me...i think during asasi, i've made a great head-start on most things n i'm glad that i can have it going on again...

oh God, please make this 4 years of degree ahead of me be as sweet and as productive as it can be..bring me love, bring me peace of mind, bring me hope...that i can bring out the best of my life for as long as i can live...hope that everything will go on smoothly and i am very, very grateful for this opportunity...i think i've got a handful of luck already in both of my hands,bcoz since SPM i was able to get thru every obstacles in my education opportunities...
alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...

footnote: miracles can happen...make d best out of it (:

Friday, June 4, 2010

wedding mode

aku kan kawin bila lg ahh???ngahahaha..palui

bah,kali ani aku di lawas...so bkurapak kedayan tah tani...hehehhehe
aku mulih ke lawas ani sbb kaka ku kan kawinn.....usulll~
marroon temanya,tp bajuku purple..bulih kali ahh~??

kami ke lawas ani ari minggu lapas sudahh...tp line internet sini ani paham2 tah saja
d kuala berwifi tp rusak tia,nda ku ampit..sasakkkkkk~!!!

bah,pasal kawin ani,baca nikahnya isuk(sabtu),sanding nya ari minggu kali..
kan pdh bz atu nda jua,bmain nganya keraja ku adalah..hehehehheheh
bjalan pun nda,baik plg ku d rumah...aku pun nda tau knapa aku sdh nda ingin kan bjalan ani,mun arah kan dtuju siuk,baik jua...ani behapa,sudah tah malar dgn acai n bapa...malas tah ku tu~

ani hari jumaat,td bbadak..smenjak dua menjak ani aku malas tah pulang kan luas mngurus diri..biar ku serabai,siapa jua kan meliat??..ada plg urg meliat,tp kenapa ku kan lawa2 kann~~???
ntah eh...malas ku..biar ku rock2 ckit,bkn slalu...ngeheheheh

bah atu tah saja kali...apa lg kan dcakapkan??.mun psl pengantin,malas plg ku kan komen apa2..biar tia,apa jua fungsi ku kan menyasak nyasak??.aku anu plg ada,kan behapa??.


footnote: just now i'm speaking in native kedayan,peeps..it's kinda fun if u can get to know d language, absolutely interesting :D