Friday, January 21, 2011

where am i?.

is the best word to describe how i'm feeling right now.

at times, it seems so sure and clear..but when the time comes,all you could say is totally different from what you have in mind a few minutes back..seems like you just can't hold on to the decision you've made and be firm about it.
sometimes you can just assume that you are not strong enough.

people need different things in life.
when there's not enough happiness in you, you'll feel that you're lonely even in an ocean of people.
how different is different, actually?.
do you really know what you want?
how right is right?.
and how wrong is wrong?

what to do...what to do...what to do...~

toodles.. :(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

eternal love

life's been hard..
keeping yourself together is totally not an easy thing to do.
on the moment of breakdown, everything vomits itself and turns to fire.

i remember a quote i always think of:
"anger is the situation where the tongue works faster than the mind."

when life falls down on you,
you broke down and cry..
it seems like those are the only thing that you are able to do.
i always think and believe that every problem can be worked out by listening, expressing honestly, and understanding.
but sometimes it seems that we always wanted and expected more out of someone we love.

all you need is love in your heart and you'll find your way..
being lonely is the last thing you need in life.

people do change..
and love is able to do so to a person.
as how it did to me.

love overwhelms everything..
loving you with all my heart.
cuz you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
and i'm sorry if i ever forgotten bout that.
come back.

Monday, January 10, 2011


today's Monday...
and yeah...not so much people love Mondays.
and (sometimes) includes me.

i woke up late this morning..
my day will start with 8.30a.m class every mon-wed.
and believe me, u don't wanna be tired on monday.
coz if u do, u'll crack at least on tuesday's noon.. :(
yeah, it sucks.

me, hawa n tiq were late 10mins this morning..
but i think it's okay cuz lecture didn't even start the moment we enter.
and we finished class at 10a.m..and i'm currently at intec (it's already 2.40p.m)
i guess i'm just too lazy to walk back home and come back here at 4..
so i'm staying. :)

actually i need to rush to the office to confirm our class at 4,cuz i'm afraid it might be cancelled..(due to the rumors that one of the class postponed their class to 6pm cuz all edu lecturers need to attend dean's meeting)
but i guess not..and i hope not.
bcoz waiting is not fun..
at all.

toodles~ :)

Friday, January 7, 2011


just made my first attempt to buy something from e-bay
it's just a simple dress,and it's rm15
(well,plus rm6.50 for
not bad....

i'm soo lost on the payment method...
the seller asked to pay thru maybank2u..
so i'm gonna ask my mom to do it heheheh
but she said that i must pay within 3 days of purchase
so hopefully tomorrow i can get her account details and pay straight away
fingers crossed all the time
(it's quite scary if i can't pay within 3 days,what's gonna happen??)
gulp!.. :P
over-reacting's just e-bay :|
it is suppose to be very simple.

it's kinda too simple but i like it..
what the heck.


just can't help it :|

okay,i'm going home
toodles~ :)

hahah..okay2,last one :D

okay,i'm going nuts :O
toodles~ :)

okay...i'm totally toasted right now O____o

what the heck~!?!

i want him!... :D


and again~

am i too tensed,already??.

ok,just trying to have fun and cheer myself up :DD

there's a lot more where that came from :)

just like Eja Ibrahim :D

i likee~ :D
(oh,shoot!..the last animation won't work!.okay,the doctor just bangs his head listening to the music in the guy's head)

there's a lot more where that came from :)


the 6 poems are DONE!..
(with procrastination, of course) *wink2*

it was a 14-page assignment...with no marks
what a mind-wreck for only the first week of class

i'm done with the first week..
so far,so good...
just need better organization for classes, notes, schedule and stuff..
and i need new notebooks (been writing in scrap papers for the whole week - cost me a misplaced scrap paper with the first notes of PELT class) T___T
well, any first week of any semesters are always hectic (but not really in last sem) bcoz i've prepared the stuff i need for class...unlike this semester, it seems like there's no time for me to go out and shop properly for these things..argh :(

there's a lot to buy in my shopping list....
ranging from stationaries, house supplies, toiletries, organizer, bla bla blaa~
i really, really need to write down anything that pops into my mind about things i need to buy..
but as always, i didn't..and it depresses me to recall them T___T
i need to get a complete shopping list done by tonight coz tomorrow i'm going out with my busuk..
who insisted on going shopping together..
and i only have rm2K to manage for the whole semester..
please, i need a rich godfather B) hahaha

this morning in the toilet, i've been thinking~
why not i apply for a scholarship - maybe something like the TESL scholarship that will give me rm5K per semester, but applicants will be bounded with the contract (4years of service after graduating - teaching somewhere)
but of course, i need to maintain good grades every semester..
and i need to cancel my PTPTN - pay back around rm6500 that they've loaned to me for the last two semesters

still considering bout the fact that after graduating, there will be a stable job waiting for me..
but the thing is, i will have no freedom of choice by that time..
i hate contracts but yeah, it's rm5000 and i need it to survive every semesters...
PTPTN - rm3200 (cut off rm500 for sem's fees, which leaves me about rm2700 and minus another rm500 for the next two sems - leaving me only rm2200 for the rest of the semester)

minus around rm800-900 for rent (gonna ask from my parents to cover them) - and if they don't - leaving me rm1300 to survive in 5 months!..
gosh...seriously, i need my parents to at least cover my rent T____T

and if they will, my rm2000 divide by 5(months), i'll have rm400 to spend for a month..
i think that is merely enough..

i HATE talking bout money..
but i have to. :(

oh yeah...books
i'm going to allocate around rm200 for books
so i'll have rm1800 left for this semester..
i'm soo gonna ask rm100 each from my parents every month.

okay, this is depressing T___T
let's open up a new topic..
very soon.

toodles~ :|

cool shades..i want one :|

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

let's experiment :)

i think the hardest part of a blog is to figure out the best title for every posts..hahah :P

and i'm now actually still contemplating and brainstorming real hard on the theme of my educational blog for Mr. Johan's class.
i feel like blogging about how to's or D.I.Y's of stuff...
just random stuff.

why am i contemplating so much?.it's just a simple task to develop a simple educational blog..but i think one of the things that makes me real concern bout the theme is that i want to make it educationally interesting..and commercial too :)
and i feel like experimenting with it first..

okay,fine..the next post would be on a simple,random how to's

i wanna see..if it's good and looks good,i'm gonna start on wordpress

toodles~ :)

the nerf-freak I love

NERF Barricade RV-10
Last Sunday I went to Mid Valley Megamall with my mom and her friend..
and I remembered that I promised my Adib busuk to buy him a NERF if i finally can find one.
and i ToysRUs
and it's no fun, he found out that i bought it while i'm intending to surprise him for his 24th bday..
and he got his bday gift 4 days earlier than the actual birthdate..pffftt~
i'm glad u like it,sayang..!
me lap biu~
ngee~ :D
i don't really know how guy's brain works..
but they sure love these kind of toys no matter how old they are.
i am quite impressed myself..NERF is quite cool!.
the line of guns and pistols they produced varies in many models with exciting specs..
NERF is probably the coolest toygun a kid (or a guy) can have :)
and again...
happy birthday (in advance) to you,sayang!..
may our love blossoms till the end of time :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

busy already?!huhhh~

it's just the first week of class and you already have two assignments to be submitted within this week...nicee~ :
it's just the freakin' 2nd day..
but i think it's okay though...just small assignments
but it'll give out big first impression of how serious u are in ur study
gosh........... O____o
okay2,'s kinda simple, sweat
tee hee~ :)

i just posted the previous post just a couple of hours ago...
hurmmm...quite a lot happened in those couple of hours~
i met Mdm Norsiah for the 1st time..and she's teaching Literature in Malaysian Schools..
maybe i'm going to enjoy this subject,it's kinda nice to actually feel like u're studying TESL to prepare urself to become a least as a secondary school teacher...looking into what we're going to learn in that course gives me the picture of teaching in secondary schools' classrooms filled with teenagers with raging hormones :
so yeah,when u at least got a glimpse of how u're future is likely going to be,the pressure is there and you're getting nearer and nearer~....hahahahah scary mary,sial :P

oh yeah...the literature textbook used in secondary schools have changed,it's not the same like we used to have in our years..
the book is kinda interesting...there's a lot of visual aids (teenagers need to be exposed on better and healthy with educational purposes images nowadays so to let them imagine healthier images and stuff) huhu...and yes,the large fonts are really striking and it caught my attention straight away and it's just so.....BIG.hehe
there's no need of glasses anymore,kiddos B)
the contents are much more interesting...they got rumpelstilskin for the drama part..nicee~ i like the story...
so to conclude, changes are always interesting in their own way :)

the book cost me RM3.60 - this is the cost of a lunch :/
well, we should be thankful..this book is probably the cheapest book if compared to the other books we need to buy for the other courses.. :'(

plus, Zac told me that Mdm Norsiah failed him on his Malaysian Studies...hahaha
thank u, makes me wanna be extra careful in her class and assignments :P

i'm actually having a migraine all of the sudden...when i went out from the library to go to class,i felt like i'm having a brainfreeze or something...i know that the library can be soo cool and freezing at times (actually all the time unless there's something wrong with the air-conds which will make it much more comfortable to nest in here), but this is perhaps the first time i experienced brain freeze going out from the library..
arghhh,this headache is killing me :(

meanwhile, i got a lot in my to-do list...
1# need to buy stuff for beloved house
2# prepare presentation with Hawa n Tiq tonite (Structure of English)
3# set up a blog (but first, think of a brilliant topic,please!)
4# think of a new name for my wordpress blog (something appropriate for educational stuff) instead of stinkyminky - right after i figure out the topic (??????!!!)
5# find possibly difficult words that are always being mispronounced or alienated words (in secondary schools' level of competency)
6# get the poem thingy done by friday morning
7# maybe go out with Adib busuk tomorrow :))
8# buy new stationeries

okayy....that's about it,i guess :)

hey,why i can't change the colour n size in my post?! is there something wrong with blogspot or is it this intec's library computer's going loo-loo??
even in the previous post,the changes i made won't appear...only the bold n itallic effects are showing...arghh,i need my posts to be colourful..
no fun :(

a lot of new faces in the faculty,too..
for the past two days, i remember myself wondering where the heck all these people come from??.their faces are not familiar,nearly not at all..
from what i observed,seems like the faculty are SLIGHTLY raining hot and nearly-hot guys..
well, changes are always interesting...again :D
(no offence,busuk...stop thinking whatever u're thinking right now) syg awk mwah2 ngee~

and yeah,another random question to myself
if the person already know what u're going to give to them (bday present or just any present), is it really necessary for u to wrap it nicely in cute gift wrappers???.no right~??. :/
well, i bought Adib busuk NERF N-Strike Barricade something2 last Sunday..he already knows that i bought it..for him
so i guess i don't need to wrap it nicely...
but it's a bday gift O____o
whatever,malas nak fikir :

okay, i think i seriously need to stop..
if anybody got nice,brilliant ideas on the topic of my educational blog,please do drop ur comments and fill me in with suggestions...anything will do,no matter in what perspective of educationality u can think of...the more interesting it is, the better..
let's brainstorm together..please and thank u :)

toodles~ :)


the holidays are OVER.

i feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of things i have to do for the semester,the new house,and i'm somehow trying to fit in with the new environment and routine that maybe i'll go through for another 3 years.. O____o

oh yeah..
my schedule sucks a bit..
but i'll just be patient bout it coz i think it's gonna be better when we got the friday class moved up to monday..till then, i'll have 4 days of weekends for the rest of the semester!!!...ahh~! :DD

somehow i think i'm not really ready to face the semester..not fully prepared physically and mentally...hurmmm
okay2,let's not talk or think bout classes right now..i have a life :|

i'm quite excited bout our new house...
it's BIG, nice, spacious, quite comfortable, strategic location..........
i'm happy we got the house, finally.

the hottest girls in the block are:
ME!.. (ita) hahaha
Hana @ Zue

so yeah~...we LOVE our new house :D

okay,let's talk m.o.n.e.y $$$
kaching kaching~!!!
i already got my PT loan for this semester...
i hate it that they have to deduct to a whopping rm1000 from this sem's loan
RM500 for the semester's fee and another rm500 to cover my earlier WPP
so......for the next 2 semesters,i'm gonna receive only about rm2300
hopefully my parents gonna help me with my house's not much,i just need rm100 per month and that's it..RM50 from each would be enough (hopefully more,i'm studying and far away from home,for God's sake) ngee~

last week, when my mom was here in KL, we went to sunway pyramid
it was still in the year end sale mood...and i'm sooo gonna head to cotton on (of course!.duhh~)
then, a miracle happened!!!!!......
since when did cotton on have shoes in size 42!?.
seriously,i went to cotton on so many times before, and i don't remember i saw shoes in freakin' size 42!!..okayy~ hahah why am i mad??!
i am actually coz all this while,it's damn hard to find shoes in my size..
thus, i bought 4 pairs of cotton on's shoes (rubi) last week..
and planning to grab some more :DD ngee~
i'm just so happy,i might just burst into tears on that very spot :'D

now,coming to the sad part..
need to shop for stuff for the house...
there's a lot to buy,and i hate spending my money on stuff instead of shoes,clothes,bags,bla bla blaa...u know what i mean :|
so..yeah..the unpacking and the settling down is not over yet,people........ :)

gosh,there's a lot to say actually.........
it's been a while since i'm in the mood for serious blogging...
been intending to do so lately,but sometimes i think that the words and the things in my head is not gonna flow out smoothly when i'm ready to write, the fear of babbling unnecessary,boring stuff with lots of grammatical errors surrounded my thinking space,making me forget practically...everything :|
and yeah,my broadband is useless for the meantime...need to get a new package..but still thinking and contemplating - who's gonna pay for it?! :(

so yeah...currently i'm in the library with Zue/Hana, waiting for our 2p.m class when my class ended around 10a.m this morning...not really thinking of going home bcoz we're trying to set up the blog for instructional technology class...i think this blog will cost me for about,it's,what the heck...i'm having fun blogging :D

and yess...
new year's's 2011 - WOW!..2010 was just like in a blink of an eye!.. :O

1# be financially stable at all time
2# be more focused
4# when i got the ideal figure, i'll go for part-time,seriously :|
5# de-clutter my life
and that includes opening up a new blog to sell my preloves :D
it's gonna generate money :D

oh gosh,my class gonna start in about half an hour from now..
hopefully gonna get sempoi and cool Mdm Moon :D
i miss her...wishing her luck for her newborn...coming soon~!.

toodles~ :)