Saturday, November 23, 2013

Social 2013

It's funny how we met and how we got to know each other.
But nevertheless, it is an interesting story.

Nurul Jannah, a friend I made unexpectedly.
She's a wonderful person and she's been a wonderful friend.

And by befriending her, I met some amazing people that I never thought I would meet.
I've been introduced to so many people that it feels quite ... unbelievable, in a good way.

Since I love making lists, here's another one.
This is going to be one of the most precious list I've ever made because it's filled with the fuzziness of friendship. :)

From Rahman, I got to know a beautiful lady named Nurul Jannah.
And by knowing her, my network expanded.
Here's a list of the people I got introduced to for the past one year.

1. Ery
2. Uda
3. Suraya
4. Botak
5. Wan Ehsan
6. Arif
7. Kwn Ery (can't remember his name!)
8. Kwn Arif (from PD)
9. Nur Fazlin - Maher and the family (around 5/6 of them) + Midi, Paan (MSU guys)
10. Zhafri
11. Hassan
12. Saiful
13. Fatima
14. Redzuan
15. Apis
16. Weng - Izy
17. Cik Pah
18. Ija
19. .....

I think there's more to the list.
Recalling these names is not an easy task.
Not to mention the people I met from my practicum.
Pheww, I feel blessed.

Le Babe

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